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One week later - introducing Bonaparte

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What a difference in him after a week of rest and good food! He is still thin, but getting sleeker every day. My little stray, whom I have named Bonaparte, will start being introduced to the family tomorrow. Here he is, very sure of himself in his new domain:

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He's so cute, and he looks so loving. (Nice quilt, BTW! )
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he's gorgeous! & i love his name!
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Oh Jenny he's a beauty!!! He looks like he has eyeliner on his eyes.

Can we say now that he's legally yours seeing as no ones came looking for him?

He's a gorgeous colour as well
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he is a handsome little guy
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The fliers are still up, but the vet agrees that he should be mine!
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
The fliers are still up, but the vet agrees that he should be mine!
I say we all agree as well!
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Awww He is gorgeous!

Welcome to your new home Bonaparte!
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He such a handsome boy!
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He's very handsome, jenny.

Looks like he found a great home with you and your crew. Well, except for Maisie.
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He looks right at home Jenny...I'd say he's yours
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He is a very handsome guy.
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He is a handsome fella!
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Look at that handsome little boy Bonaparte! And look at that confidence he has. He obviously knows he has found a good home

Those beautiful eyes just make me melt!

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Awww he is so cute and looks right at home
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He is a total cutie
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He is so cute!
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I just want to know how you always manage to get such beautiful cats. He is truly handsome and those eyes - I should have such beautiful eyes. A bit off topic, but how is the lovely Persil. I still have a big soft spot for her.
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Awwww what a handsome addition to your family, Jenny. Bonaparte is a gorgeous kitty and looks very at home
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Introductions started yesterday - first with Biscotte and then Dushka. Bonaparte thought it was wonderful - at last he had some company top play with, but both girls gave him short shrift, though it didn't get to real fights. The aggression was worst from Biscotte, who just growled and growled, and swatted, though taking care to remain an arm's length away. Dushka was rather haughty, sniffed him and then ignored him. He meowed at them, a little questioning meow, and lay on his side being submissive, not on his back. So I have hopes. Persil and Ellie will be more difficult, I think. Wellington has sniffed him and not reacted, so we will see.
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Well isn't he just as cute as can be Jenny, hope all the other babies like him
Pretty soon your siggy will look like mine
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Intros are going as well as can be expected so far. The cats have smelt him on me for a week now, and I have mixed some litter boxes. He has spent some time alone (under my supervision of course) with Biscotte and Dushka, both sessions going quite well, and he and Wellington have had a good sniff at each other with no bad reaction. This morning I have let him into the rest of the house with all the others, and there has been a lot of growling and hissing. Ellie stalks him and swats him when she can. One bad moment was when Wellington, Ellie and Dushka all backed him into a corner and I heard the definite sounds of threats. I rescued him and shut Ellie and Wellington into my bedroom to cool off. He is just meowing at them all and definitely wants to be friends - he is not aggressive at all.
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