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...and another thing, Kumbulu always says she's too hot. A trip to the North Pole would cool her off big time!!!
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Let's go visit Santa! Maybe he'll give us a ride in his sleigh. Welcome back Mr. Cat, we were looking for you!
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Lorie, I'd love to be a Santa's helper. Well, OK, but they should be big dogs with lots of horse---I mean dog power!
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Helllllllpppppppppp Meeeeeeeeeeee I am melting!!!! it's too hot to sleep and I feel like a Zombie!!! Can you all please pick me and Tatyana up if you have the time and spare petrol?
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No need for "petrol" - those babies run on Purina!
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I guess we are heading for the north pole! I hope santa doesn't mind visitors! (I like getting presents!) Maybe Mrs Claus has a recipe for mincedmeat cookies! (I lost mine)
Snow and ice here wecome! Now where is my sweater/parka *digs around the back seat*
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Cindy, that remark was doggone funny!
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Try not to step on the Krispy Kreme box there....Uh I think this one needs to be replaced...PHEW!!! At least you will be warm over there with the kitties! When will we get there?? It seems like we are traveling the speed of light! Santa will be impressed! It's the turns that are killer though..
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Okay, I guess I got on board the wrong caravan. I thought you were the people in those balloon-looking conveyances, so I climbed aboard the last balloon and we hauled Britney aboard shortly thereafter.


Come to find out, you're all on sleds heading toward the Arctic Circle! Oh, my: What to do? Well, we decided to leave the balloon caravan and try out luck elsewhere. After much asking around, we fell in with a group of Russian aviators who've agreed to fly us to where all you folks are. So as soon as we get there, I'll tell you more.

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Cool, now Nakita can meet some of her relatives!!

Vicki, you thought you had difficulty trying to get into the car?? What about me??? My legs were so tired from standing outside at the curve I had to hop on a bus. When the bus was passing Jeanie, I jumped on the roof and swung in through the back!!

You guys didn't even here the *bump* of me landing on the roof? Wow, Jeanie really has you scared with that driving ((examines fingernail marks on dashboard))!!

Come on Nakita, go make friends with the Krispy Kreme kitty and it won't be long till your back in your homeland! Does anyone have a parachute?? That Russian plane looks like its seen better days...and how come the pilot has a "Flying for Dummies" book...

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Jeanie, I was looking for a certain type of freight dog my son told me about, since you insist on having horse power, but I couldn't find them. The type I was looking for is more like a wolf than a dog, is not man's best friend because it was bred as a work animal only, does whatever it wants (kind of like a cat) and has no sense of loyalty to its master. So I finally had to settle for two Alaskan Malamutes instead. Remember no speeding!!!
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Hello! I’m glad I finally caught up with you folks! So, isn’t this fun? I’m sorry about the dogs, but those things happen. You won’t have any trouble pulling the sleds, though.

Just take care you don’t fall in! If you think it’s cold now, wait until you’ve taken a dip in ice water!

Come on now, put your back into it! Heave ho!

Yes, it’s tiring work. But tonight we’ll sleep in the lap of luxury!

Okay, everybody! Rise and shine! Here’s our agenda for today:

Skydiving out of the helicopter onto the terrestrial North Pole;
Launching air balloons at the North Pole to fly around the ice-breaker and the areas in its vicinity;
Test-flying paramotors to monitor the ice conditions;
Scuba diving at the terrestrial North Pole.

Wolf down some breakfast, people! Our guide is here. Just follow him.

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Skydiving and scuba diving???????????? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!!!
Ooops....I mean it all sounds soooo exciting!!! The rest of you can go with Joe, someone needs to stay behind to make some nice hot chocolate for everyone!!!!

...And I have already volunteered for that job!!!
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Im in! I'll go and have my vegemite on toast for breakfast, along with my coffee!
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Ohhhh, I'm so disappointed! Since Lorie did give me that one dog, I have to stay in this boring cozy warm shack with her and drink hot chocolate. The dog needs caring for, so I have no choice. But maybe Santa will come by with his big sleigh and we'll get a ride after all. We'll make sure he picks up the rest of you, of course!
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Jeanie, you're making me spoil my surprise!!!! After the day's activies with Joe everyone will need some hot chocolate to warm up because this evening we will be going on a special sleigh ride with Santa. It's going to be soooo cool!! We're going to fly all over the world looking at Christmas lights and decorations. Don't tell anyone because it's a secret!

One more thing... You only have one dog??? I'm sure I gave you two.
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TWO??? Are you sure? I'll be right back. Here, boy!(whistle) Come on! I have doggie treats! Come! (Cheese, she only showed me one of them. Now, I have to trudge around this icy wilderness--grumble, mumble!) Here, doggy, doggy, doggy!
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Oh! I have to stay and clean out all the litterboxes..or Krispy Kreme boxes. I'll be by the fire and making sure the kitties don't jump on the Christmas tree. I'll toss a lot of towels into the dryer so they will be toasty when you get back from scuba diving! Nothing like toasty dryer towels and I'll have the first aide kits ready for the skydiving! I know there are some splints around here somewhere!... * wanders off looking for splints*
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Lorie, since there's no running water in our luxurious accomodations (just wait till I speak to our tour guide) I will stay behind to help you carry water for the hot chocolate.
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There doesn't seem to be any bathroom facilities here...or kitchen...maybe we should go on to Santas place? We can skydive and scuba dive AFTER Christmas...OK?
Watch out for yellow snow! Lets GO!
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BRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hey guys! Wait up. We'll hook the dogs up to the sled and take turns walking and riding. Does anyone have a compass? What? No milk for hot chocolate? I think the pole is red and white, isn't it? Oh, SAAAAAAAAAAA-NTA! We're COOOOOOOO-LLLLDDDD! I know! Follow the North Star! Maybe we should have used ballons! We could see it better.
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I found us some quicker and warmer transportation:
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Santa got run over by the airlines I think we had better find Mrs. Claus and help get those gifts out! It may take some time for Santa to recover!
Do you think we can get 1st class seats with the animals?
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I need a vacation.....could you guys let me know when you'll be swinging by Apple Hill????
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Hi Whiskers Mom glad you could join us! Time is short if we are going to help Santa fill his sleigh...is he out of the hospital yet?? Head on with a jet plane isn't the best way to get ahead this holiday season!
Hang on everyone we are heading NORTH!
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He'll be all right! He's magical. By Christmas Eve, with all of us helping, the sleigh will be packed and ready to go. Here, Ghyslaine, hold the dog on your lap, please. It's so nice you came along. He was crowding me a bit. Lorie, do you have the other dog?
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** was being drug through the snow for miles by the dog which has finally stoped at Jeanie's feet.**

(Isn't able to talk.)
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You'll all be pleased to know we've finally reached the North Pole! And, I've just been informed Santa Claus is doing just fine and he's all ready to fly; though he'll be a bit more careful now that he's come to appreciate the presence of aircraft.

Now that we're back in the lovely lodging facility, pictured in a post earlier in this thread, I've got a surprise! Our cats, who had to stay behind whilst we ventured into the Frozen North, have decided to put on a little Christmas show for us! Forgive the blurry picture, but reception up here is oftentimes marginal.

Okay, that's it! Let's have a big round of applause for our cats! And now, let's get some sleep as we've a big day ahead of us.


Rise and shine, everybody! Say good-bye to the Arctic! Our ride is here!

Don't worry: Submarines are a lot quieter than they used to be. Next stop: Easter Island!

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Wouldn't Christmas Island be a more appropriate destination? Perhaps, Santa Claus, Arizona? (Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus.)
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That's a good idea! I'll ask the captain to drop us off on Christmas Island. My, but the others along on this trip have been ratherquiet lately. I hope they're not ill!

I'll ask the cook to prepare a nice pot of lobscouse for everybody! I'm sure that'll pick up everyone's spirtis.


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