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Nah, we've got Laurie and Gary's RV.
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I'm a good driver in the driveway! AND we drive on the left hand side! Should be a blast! Come on mates, swing by and pick me up and I promise I'll give a jar of Vegemite to everyone!
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Vegemite is a MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Now you see what happens when you deceive someone? Not only are we on the wrong side of the road, but we're facing (drumroll) gulp! VEGEMITE! You could have been munching on Peanut butter cups, but, oh, no, (grumble, mumble). Cindy, you'd better grab the wheel. She's heading for the Canyon!!
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Ok, now we need to distract Tania, or tell her to drive on the right side of the road! Those cars passing are a little too close for comfort! *squeezes eyes shut and holds on for dear life*
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First, haggis and now Vegemite! This is, certainly NOT a gourmet tour!

I'm bailing out - there's a Krispy Kreme shop up ahead.
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Krispy Kremes? Did you say Krispy Kremes? Cindy, maybe we can convert these people from Haggis and Vegemite. Although, I do like the peanut butter cups. I'll take a couple of those if Jeanie hasn't eaten them all!!
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Sure, I'll share, but let's stop at Krispy Kremes and decide where we should head next. It's nice and warm in Arizona, but doesn't feel Christmasy. Should we brave the cold and head north or stay warm? Who still needs a ride? Tania, that's a good girl. Just find a seat at Krispy Kremes. (Some people just don't know how to drive! Can you imagine?)
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No one can convert me from Vegemite. Ain't no way!
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Sorry, I fell asleep in the back seat. Some one dropped a kitten on my head so I'm up now. Very cute blue long haired kitten with lavender eyes! So what time is it? lunch dinner breakfast?!? How long was I sleeping anyway? The last thing I remember BuNN threw a fish at me!
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Its dinnertime!
I have made Vegemite, Onion and Cheese grilled sandwiches for everyone!
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I'm on a low fat/salt diet....? Maybe just a carrot stick or two?
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Hmmm.. Roast beef sandwich with romaine lettuse, honey mustard, tomatoe slices, on sourdough...carrot sticks... frosty cold apple juice, and carrot cake for desert!
Does someone have a litterbox for this kitten? She's scratching on the carpet and looks distressed!
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DragonLady, I don't have a clue where we are! Jeanie just jumped into the car and started driving like a maniac right away. We didn't even have our trip planned.

Now the kitten is scratching on my shoe and looking distressed. Isn't there a clean litterbox around here somewhere????????????
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I can't read the road signs. Are we on the left or right side of the road??
Lets find somewhere to pick-nick and plan out trip.
(And let this kitten have a potty break!)
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Hey, hasn't anyone checked their cell phone messages??????? I've left like a 100 and no one is responding.

Hmmm....and with this new layer of snow that just fell here, you could get into the Christmas spirit pronto!! But you better swing by fast since it's suppose to rain in Toronto by Friday! There's also a Krispy Creme up the block so you can get a refill.

I think we need to bring Nakita with us. Because of her new and improved secret transmitting devices, you can have the most up to date weather and road conditions world wide! She can save you hours on the road trip by diverting you to the best route.
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Not even cell phone messages are catching us!! I need a pit stop!!! Next gas station please!
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Let's head for Florida. There's a severe weather warning, for Arizona - rain and snow, above 5000 ft.

As for the kitten - let her use the empty Krispy Kreme box.
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Leaving and not saying good-bye, are we? Not so fast! I'm coming along, too. You didn't think you could take a trip without my finding out about it, did you? Let's just say "a little bird" told me.


I'm sorry to have pulled the old "gal hitch hikes whilst guy hides in bushes" trick, but who'd want to stop for an old bag like me? Sheena there will continue thumbing a ride as she's going, um, somewhere else.

Let me explain why I've not been around here for so long. It all started back around Halloween. . . .

There I was, contacting the spirit world as usual for Buffy and her gang, when suddenly I was transported to a strange place.

My first thought was: "Deb25 should see this!" And, ta da, there she was — looking at that pincushion thing stuck in the ground. Alas, I've still no idea where I'd been taken. It's nice they had air there, though.

No, that odd little flying-saucer thing doing the beaming did not infuse my brain with the knowledge of the universe; at least not in the way it's done in films. First I was taken to a meadow to meet a strange fellow who apparently likes funny hats. . . .

It seems to me I'd met him before, somewhere. Anyway, I was then shown another meadow — which actually is a recurring dream of mine.

Have any of you been there? Well, regardless, it was all quite different from what I see around the neighborhood. Then I was suddenly somewhere else. . . .

So I went inside and ate! Then the waitress, whom you can see in the image above, handed me this document:

And, poof, I was back in my house and awake! The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, I found this taped to the outside:

Obviously, it was intended for somebody else; but it's foolish to question the bureaucracy. So I packed my things, put the cats into their carriers and hit the road.

That's when I saw you folks coming along, in those weird balloon things you're using. Thanks for picking me up! Oh, look! There's Britney! Shouldn't we stop and give her a ride?

Where are we going, by the way? Oh, I couldn't find any Vegemite; but I've a jar of Marmite if that'll help.

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It's so good to have you join us!!
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Thank you, Lorie! It's nice to see you here, as well. So, do you know where we're going? I so enjoy these trips, especially as we always seem to return safely home — eventually.


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*heaves a sigh of relief* At least this trip will be less chaotic.
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Hi, Mr. Cat! We're happy to have you come along. We have looked everywhere for you. We are a bit disorganized, however. We do have to pick up Vikki in Florida, but we want to see some seasonal sights! Your organizational skills are sorely needed. Have you ever driven a Winebago? For some reason, these people don't like my driving.....(???)
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Mr Cat,

It's so nice to finally meet you. As a "newer" member I've only been able to read about you, so I'm very glad you dropped by.

Now tell the gals to head to Toronto, I'm getting too cold to wait for the car to come by.
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Joe, its about time, that you showed up! Did you look at that Order for Destruction, carefully? I think that I made out the name "Ford Prefect". They, obviously, got the wrong house.
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Did you bring your hat? This is such a wild ride it takes my breath away! Have they made room for you yet?? watch for that kitten we picked up on the way! Oh and you don't want to look in the Krispy Kreme box!!!!
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I have nothing against other animals, Mr. Cat, but isn't the picture of Sasquatch a mite larger than Sylvester's? This is a cat site, you know. I'll bet you were over at the Bigfoot site right before you came here, and got mixed up.
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Let's go pick up this guy. http://www.funpages.com/offseasonsanta He looks as if he's be a LOT of fun!
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I think he is very busy this time of year!
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Woooooohooooo!!!!! It might be fun to pick Santa up. If we're really lucky, we could even help him pack his sleigh on Christmas Eve. AND I even found some transportation for us while we're at the North Pole.

BTW Jeanie, YOU would have a sled with only two dogs so you won't drive like a maniac again!
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