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Christmas road trip

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Has anyone seen Mr. Cat? I think it's time for a holiday road trip. We could use his services as driver, cook, and travel planner.

*shades eyes to look all around*

Anybody know where he is?
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IF you tell me who Mr Cat is!
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After that last road trip, Mr. Cat is, probably, shacked up with Brittney Spears and a case of SPAM.
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Oh.... Umm... Here Mr Cat... here kitty...?
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I have the new Brittney Spears Calendar and a grilled spam sandwich! Time to go bye-bye?!?
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Mr. Cat!!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!!! I fixed some nice hot Haggis for you!!! (Is that what they were called?)

(click on the link to see Haggis)
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Oh I love haggis!
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Brenda, There's a rumor going around that Mr. Cat is still in Death Valley with Brittney. That's where we left them on the last road trip. Did you send him a pm?

DragonLady and Kiwideus, here's a link to the last road trip with Mr. Cat. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=11048 The "transportation" he provided for us was sooooo funny!!!!
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No, I didn't. I saw his name listed on one of the threads, and I thought it would be fun to take another trip. I guess we could organize it anyway, as long as Jeanie doesn't drive. She was scary the last time.
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Well, I just finished reading the last road trip, and I was highly entertained. Can I come on this one? As long as you have some haggis. I love that stuff - I know it sounds gross, I thought the same way until someone convinced me to try it. Then I couldnt get enough of it!

Make sure someone brings along some of that haggis and Ill be along for that ride. Ill bring some pavlova! And aussies - us kiwis made it first!

Peedoodle just came and asked if he could join us on the road trip. Is it okay to bring cats?
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Of course Peedoodle can come! And here's the vet who will come with us to take care of the cats...
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Sure, bring along cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, ferrets. But, please, no snakes!
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Oh that means I cant bring my sisters friend. He has this most beautiful albino boa.
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So what's our destination this time? I think the first stop should be in Jersey to pick up Laurie and Gary since they already have Holly (their RV) suited for cats. Trent would like to go too as long as he doesn't have to stay in his carrier. He really hates that thing. Yowls the whole time he's in it.
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Yoo hoo! Did you forget to pick me up? I heard Brenda say "driver," so I knew you were looking for me. Kiwi, no haggis, but I have steak and kidney pie, which is MUCH better, believe me! What's our mission, to find Mr. Cat, or just look at the Christmas lights? I'm up for it- whatever. Move over. I'll sit behind the wheel. Now, let's make time! Hold on! SCREEEEEEEEECH!!!!!!
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This ride sounds like fun. Do you think you can swing by and pick me up in sunny California. I am right near Las vegas. We could stop for a show!
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I was once tricked into eating steak and kidney by my ex-boyfriends mother. Never again! I cant stand that stuff. What car are we riding? What about that shoe car that someone posted in one of the earlier posts? or how about Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?
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Jeanie, you're ALEADY going 110 miles an hour and you've only been driving for 5 minutes!!!!!! For goodness sakes, are you sure Brenda wanted YOU to drive??????????
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*gulping* Are you sure you want to go this fast?
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WHY IS JEANIE DRIVING?! She's a maniac behind the wheel, a very sweet person, but scary when driving. At our next stop, we have to figure out a way to get the keys from her. Maybe we can distract her, hmmm.
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Well, we can distract her by asking a hunk to turn up at the gas station and distract her by his smoldering good looks while we steal the keys?
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I got it we will distract her with the really cute kitten sitting outside the market/gas station. When she bends over to pat it on the head we will snatch the keys!
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Definitely Denise! That should work wonders!!!
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Who is going to make the grab and drive. No pushing getting back into the car. there is room for everyone.
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Oh, Brenda, There's a gas station. I'll pull in. (Leaves 35 feet of skid marks) Heidi, you're as bad as Debby. How did you get in the front seat? You guys go ahead in and get us something good to eat. I love peanut butter cups, if you don't mind. I'm going to stay here. (Turns off engine and puts keys in back jeans pocket.) Oh, look! Kitty, kitty, kitty! Oh, sweet little baby jumped right up on my lap! Lorie, you pump the gas, ok? I'm playing with the kitten. See! He loves me!
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Oh crap!

Now we gotta think of a way to get her out of the car!
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**gets out and walks over to gas pumps trying to figure out a way to get the keys away from Jeanie**

Jeanie, I don't know how to pump gas, you'll have to get out and show me what to do. Why don't you put the kitten down and let him play with the car keys while you help me? That should keep him busy so he won't run away.
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She went for it. I have the keys--who's a good driver?
Thanks to whoever said they thought they saw Harrison Ford inside buying coffee. Did you see Jeanie go running to see?
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I got my driving lessons, on a stock-car track. As long as the vehicle has cruise control, we'll be OK. The only catch: I stop for all antique malls and flea markets!
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I love antiques and flea markets! Im in!

Do you think we will need to tow a u-haul for all those purchases?
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