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My Fiance lives with his parents. His sister brought over a stray cat that she found outside her house. His parents decided it would be my fiance and my cat. We named her Tessa she is a beutiful grey tabby with black stripes and a black M mark on her forehead. She is getting spayed Next Friday July 6.

She was very loving at first, very affectionate and always wanted to be pet.

Now she isn't as loving, she still has her moments but she likes to be left alone. We have had her for two weeks now. She is eating tons and filling out, she is now grooming herself daily.

Is she not as loving as she was before because she is Ferral? Or is she pregnet? Her nipples are big and pink so we are wondering.

Or maybe she is getting used to her environment and doesn't need as much affection?

I really don't know much about cats that is why I'm glad I joined this fourm.

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She may very well be pregnant. But if the veterinarian is a knowleable one, shehe can spay her anyway. It isnt even especially difficult if not at very late stages of the pregnancy.
The spaying will be a sort of abortion. this is very common doing with strays / ferals.

She is of course no true feral. She must have had a home once, although it may have been long ago. Was dumped or went astray.

Why she isnt as affectionate now?

It may be she was extra affectionate in beginning of her pregnancy. As simple as that... Or she was in heat...

But my theory is she was affectionate by instinct. This a way to get in into your home. Now she feels safe. Dont need to prove her "love" at every opportunity. And thus, takes it more easy.
Her washing of herself is a proof she feels safe.
She will be more affectionate with time as she KNOWS you as her Mom and Dad. All cats do.

You are doing a good job.

Do proceed, and much pleasure with your new little furry friend!
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