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First appointment to the vet tomorrow

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Well our newst recue momma (Tiger) and her babies are going to the vet tomorrow for everyone's first visit.

The babies are 2 weeks now and their eyes are puffy and seem to be a bit oozy so I'm not taking any chances on an upper respiratory infection.

Since momma hasn't been seen yet the vet said it would be good to bring her in too so she can be checked out and pre-examed for spaying in a few weeks.

I'm hoping that it's not something bad for the kittens and momma checks out good too.
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hope everything goes well tomorrow. update us when you can once you know how things are.
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i hope everything goes well tomorrow with Tiger and her babies.Let us know how things go
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Everything went well today. The vet was surprised that the babies were only 2 1/2 weeks old with how big they are. It is an upper respiratory infection, which I suspected as I've seen it before. Momma checked out really good too. He said she had no ear mights no fleas and she looked like she had been eatting really well. She produces alot of milk to, so she's doing good.

While we were there they had 2 kittens that someone had just put in a box and slipped in while the receptionist was on the phone. She didn't think anything about it because they have people come in and bring in one carrier and then go out for the next so when she heard the door close she just figured that was the case. Then she looked and here was this box taped shut with 4 kittens in it!

They suspect they are about 8 weeks old. Good health and one of the attendants was taking one home and they had already adopted out another one so there were only 2 left.

I was talking to them and they said they've only had one batch that had been dropped off on the doorstep that had a disease so they had to put them down knowing they would not be adoptable. But, that drop offs happen at least once if not twice a year.

I told the vet that I was thinking of doing some rescue work and he said "good we need more people to help get the problem under control". He seemed quite pleased. So, now I just need to raise some money to get momma vaccinated and spayed.

Next step will be to do the same with our Spooky cat and then work on the kittens each being done. Whew!

All this and we have our wedding in 29 days with a weeks vacation after that. Na, I'm not busy.
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aww , at least they are being treated now. i know how you feel though, i have a possible flu outbreak here and the ones who got it was ment to be getting spayed/neutered next week as they will be turning 6 months, and fluffy who had kittens 7 weeks ago was ment to go in aswell. but they want to wait till all is clear. and we have our wedding in 15 days lol so i know how you feel lol. but im glad all seems to be going well, and well done on thinking about fostering its such a great thing to do.
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