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How to tell if it's manipulation or real?

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So, this morning Jordan tried getting away with eating only 1/4 of his breakfast. He then acted like he wanted wet food. So I decided instead of giving in on the wet food I'd do what I do at night when he's not eating really well (I know this is going to sound crazy, but it works with him). I get down on the floor next to him. I talk to him and tell him what a good eater he is and when he slows down I use a spoon to pick up food and feed him. Well this morning I layed down & talked to him & started putting his food infront of him 1 piece at a time. He would have finished it, but Maggie came in and tried to get some. Then he got offended and walked away. What I'm trying to figure out is if he's really not feeling good and the extra attention gives him enough reason to eat, or does he just know that if he doesn't eat he'll either get wet food or Mom's undivided attention?
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I'd say consult a vet to be sure... if it is just manipulation then you can be mad at the little brat later , if it's a real sickness, you don't want to prolong his pain or let him get any sicker. I know personally I'd rather know if he were sick or not ASAP, even if he just was being silly and craving attention.
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Oh he's been to the vet several times for some issues, but in many ways he seems to be feeling better. I think he just got spoiled from when he wasn't eating and likes the attention, but he's going back on Monday for another blood test.
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If medical issues are ruled out, I'd say it's manipulation. I mean, if when I didnt eat my scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning, and mom gave me her total and complete attention, and fed me pizza instead (like I would want that for breakfast, just an example!), I would probably not eat too! When he doesn't eat, just take it away from him until next meal time. He'll learn that if he doesn't eat, he'll go hungry, and start eating his breakfast. He'll eventually eat, he won't starve himself, unless something is medically wrong.
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It could be a bit of both. I had a foster kitty, a stray that i'd trapped in my sisters neighbourhood, who adored people. He would refuse to eat unless someone was sitting with him talking to him. Drove me crazy as he was just skin and bones....so he was able to pull the guilt card quite successfully on me!! His new meowmy says he eats just fine by himself, but he still prefers it if someone talks to him (and tells him what a good boy he is) while he eats! Silly boy!!

I hope your boy is feeling better and is just playing a little game with his meowmy!
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Does he go back and eat some later? Sometimes mine do that. If I make a big noise or something, they get offended and run away. They are usually back in 5 or 10 minutes to eat. Nabu also sometimes needs to be petted to get stimulated to eat. He's very fussy and I can use petting to get him to eat when he sometimes thinks he doesn't want to. He's very bratty.

Mine also play that trick when they want a different flavor.

I hope he's just messing with you.
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The problem is there may or may not be serious underlying medical problems (possibly cancer). It's just that he was eating really good for a couple weeks, and now is not eating dry food again in the morning. This morning though he grabbed a sparkle ball & dropped it at my feet. I threw it he took off like a shot & played for a while, then galloped back to me with it. It's so hard to tell because he's acting healthy other than the constipation & smaller appitite than he used to have.
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Is he eating his wet food at least? Raven has been eating well (one of the things we were told to watch). But he always eats more wet than dry food unless it's a truly disgusting flavor of wet food.

Another thing I've started doing to make sure they eat wet (at least Raven and Nabu) is sprinkle treats on their wet food like croutons on a salad. Stimpy just likes his wet food plain. I've been using a variety of treats: FF gourmet gold, purina crunchy treats, Bonito tuna flakes (Kitty Kaviar), and some other freeze dried fish treats we have. This really seems to make sure they get "into" their wet food. Then I know Raven is getting all of the food he needs to be eating.
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Well for the most part he's eating his wet food. Sometimes he is super slow so I get down on the floor more to protect his food, and truth is I enjoy spoon feeding him. The only problem is I don't have as much time in the morning.Either way he's having his ionized calcium tested again on Monday.
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