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wheazing and purring...sick or not?

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hello everyone,

my little Nash (about 9-10 months now) has had his share of problems. When we adopted him and his brother they both had URI, the sneezing, gooping, and watering all over. We have treated them both and they both seem to be fine now (it has been about 4 months since they were sick), but Nash still has this wheazing sound a lot. When we purrs, and sometimes when he is just laying there it sounds like an asthma thing. constant wheazing noise, fairly loud. He doesn't act sick, the vet said he sounded fine, but it bothers me. So I guess i am just looking for advise, or someone to tell me it is normal for him? any suggestions?

thanks in advance
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If the vet says he is fine, then I wouldn't want to advise you that it isn't. I know Mika has a strange little purr but we know that's probably from her voicebox deformity.
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My dear Penelope, who recently passed from renal failure at age 17 1/2 wheezed her whole life. There was nothing wrong with her - we just figured she had some sinus issues. She was just a "mutt" but she resembled a British shorthair, even having slightly flattened face, so I just always assumed that was why. It was particularly noticeable when she slept - sort of a little snoring sound.

One of our new bengals has a bit of a wheeze too, which the vet thinks is a bit of hay fever. She's got a completely clean bill of health, but she seems to get a bit stuffed up. She suggested that if we wanted, we could give her baby antihistamines, and I bought some, but she's a handful so I haven't tried it yet. Perhaps your little guy has one of these issues - he may just have a sensitive resperatory system due to the early illness.
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thanks for the advise, i think that you may be right, that maybe he is just sensitive due to early illnesses. He also has an old ear olser and few other early problems. He was found in an alley all by him self on the wrong side of town, so there is no telling what he went through as a kitten. but ever since he was about 5 months old, he has been loved unconditionally by us so i will go with the vet, and you guys, and only concern if it gets worse, or has other symtoms with it. thanks again
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How is your kitty doing now? I brought a kitten home last year and she happened to give my 10 year old sweetie-pie some kind of rhinovirus that apparently slipped past his vaccine's coverage. The kitten never shows any signs, but poor Buddy has had all kinds of URI problems. He's especially bad right now with the allergy season - because I'm all stuffed up as well. The vet is not responding to my request for decongestants or antihistamines, only offering antibiotics for sinus infection, and I'm unsure why. Buddy has a stenosis behind his nose which has caused him to be a loud purrer all his life. Unfortunately also makes it worse when he has any respiratory issues or throws up. I'm scared of every sneeze or cough.... not sure if I'm being a paranoid overprotective momma, or, well, insane
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