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pregnant cat

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i need help telling when my cat is going to have kittens.i have no clue.
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Do you know when your cat got pregnant?
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No because she is an outside cat.
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Can you feel babies move yet?
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yes i can, and see them moving.
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Then it'll probably be very soon... within the next 2 weeks or so. Will she be allowed indoors to have her kittens?
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If you don't know when she got pregnant the only thing you can really do is be prepared.

Did you take her inside your house or is she still living outside?
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she is an outside cat. we have a fan in our barn outside.
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they have been moving around for at least a week. maybe even longer
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My first two girls delivered exactly 14 days after I started feeling kittens. The last girl I had that delivered, had her babies about 19 days after I started feeling movement. So I'd say your kitty is getting very close.
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If you are keeping her outside then she can have her kittens anywhere she feels like it. Would you be able to let her into your house?
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well we cat because she can't use the litterbox and she doesn't get along with our other cats. she can't get out of our yard because we got it repaired where nothing can go over or under it.
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i hope she doesn't try to have them some place other than our yard.
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This will be her 4th and last litter. we don't want any more kittens.
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She has had four litters of kittens already? Where are her previous kittens at? Are they outside or did you take them to an animal shelter?
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well we got her from the prison. she had 2 litters there. they all went to the staff. then we got her. my mom brought her home when she was about to have her 3rd. we still have 1 kitten he is an inside cat. the others we gave away.
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The prison?

Well you should take her in if there is any way you can do it. She can get pregnant right after she gives birth so to prevent that you need to keep her from going outside. Cats normally automatically know to use the litterbox so you don't really have to worry about that and you can always try and keep her and your other cat seperated.
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I agree. Keep her inside, confined to one room, so she doesn't have a chance not to get along with the other cats. I hear that "cat attract" will help her to use the litterbox inside. Or maybe you can try using dirt in the litterbox. These are all suggestions that I've had in the past.
Keep her inside until the kittens are weaned, and then get them all fixed at the same time. You might be able to find a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area.
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well do you think it would be a good thing to lock her in the barn with the fan on high.
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it is a 1 room barn.
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I'm not sure. I would say that as long as she can't get out and no other cats can get in, it might be fine. I'd just be worried about the temperature since kittens can't control their own temp for the first couple of days... I'd say that someone more knowledgable would have to tell you the temp part.
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No, I don't think that is a great idea. If she can't manage to get out another cat can always manage to get in. Also it isn't the best place for kittens to grown up either. The best thing you can do for her and her kittens is bring her inside.
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i will try to see if i can. but if i cant what should i do?
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find someone who can? contact a no-kill shelter?
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Well i still live with my parents so maybe i could see if they would let me keep her in my room
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they never come in my room i can just sneek them in and when she has kittens they will not be able to kick them out
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There are so many other things you can do. Some vet clinics will take in pregnant cats, not many but there are a few, a family member, friend, ect.
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well i don't want to do that. i want to be there for her.
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Don't go behind your parents back and bring kittens in your house. You need to talk to them about it.
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ok i will try to talk to them about it and i tryed telling them about her having them in the woods behind our house but they wouldn't listen.
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