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Smudge's vet checkup

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I just realised the other week that little Smudgey has never had a general health check at a regular vet - just her eye check ups and the basic look over at the shelter. Oops...

So went along today and the poor little thing was so frightened!! She was shaking like a leaf and the fur along her back was up, and her tail puffed up. I didn't get our usual vet either Someone was out sick so it seemed a little crazy in there and we had a relief vet instead.

He was nice enough but kept telling me the importance of applying flea treatment every 4 weeks (I choose to do it every 6-8 weeks since they're all indoor cats, we've never had a flea problem, and I don't like putting a chemical on them too regularly), and how I should probably never let her be an outside cat because of her eye problems and blah blah blah.

I'd mentioned I was a volunteer and foster mum for the local shelter, and 2 of my cats were ex-fosters, and the other was a semi-feral, and I had all my vet records with me, could explain Smudge's eye problems in detail - I know he was just doing his job, but surely it was obvious that I wasn't a first time cat owner, I know a reasonable amount about cats, and didn't need to be lectured about flea treatment and having an inside cat (I made very clear they're all inside cats), and whatever else he was lecturing me about...

Oh and he asked what I fed her, and I said Felidae, and he'd never heard of it!!!

This is why I prefer to see my regular vet - she knows me, knows my cats, knows my background, and knows she doesn't have to tell me how to take care of a cat...

Wow, I didn't plan to rant that much...

Anyway, so Smudge checked out perfectly fine. I mentioned that she seems to walk a little funny, so he watched her walk, and agreed that it didn't seem quite right, and may be something neurological, but as long as she didn't get any worse she'd be fine. He checked her back legs and she had full range of motion, so wasn't too worried.

Now we have Lily's annual check up at the end of next month, then we're fine again for another year
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Glad she is all ok, bless her!

I don`t like seeing different vets either. We changed practice in the end because the locum was rubbish.
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Aw, sweet Smudgie is perfect, just as I thought!
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