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Help Please

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I just joind this forum after searching through several pages of postings trying to find some thought that might help.
Background: 2 cats. 1 Male 10 years old. 1 Female 6 years old or so. Both spayed/neutered.
Ally (F) we have had for about 4 going on 5 years. She came from a friend who got her from a rescue place. I was told she was a "feral" kitty. She is a freak to tell the truth - the is so easily frightened and it seriously has taken all these years for her to become friendly although even at this point she still freaks out when I go to pet her.
Recently - about 2 months she has started urinating in places other than her cat box.
I changed the litter and our "system" so to make sure she would have a fresh box. I have also had my son (who she is very attached to) make sure to take her upstairs at night otherwise she won't go up and might pee downstairs.
It seems to have worked for the most part but last night I saw another potential cause for this issue.
Zilla (M) is very affectionate and loves to play but is somewhat lazy. He has been attacking Ally - prob playing but it has gotten annoying. I usually don't worry since Zilla has no claws but Ally does.
Well last night, Zilla was going after Ally on my son's bed. Zilla was standing back some and Ally had her claw into him. He backed off (they both saw me there) and then Ally just let loose with her urine and it just kept going.
I cleaned it up but got to thinking maybe this is another reason why it happens like this is the 3rd time in a month and I half that I have seen the urine (but this was the 1st that I saw it happening).
Zilla is usually the sweetest. He has went after Ally before - usually once in a while just to either show who is boss or to play - not sure.

Maybe there are several things going on but this whole thing is weird. I expect some of the fighting once in a while - it usually is normal, but I cannot believe she just peed like that.

Any thoughts would help.
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assuming a vet visit has ruled out health problems [the #1 reason a neutered/spayed cat urinates outside the box, IMO] you might try the Cat Attract litter & retraining plan [the plan comes with the litter - there's a little pamphlet inside the bag]. but i gotta say - the only 2 cats i've had pee outside the box BOTH had urinary tract infections. once the infection was cleared up, the peeing outside the box stopped. BTW - they both made sure to pee RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME [actually, Pixel almost managed to pee on my head while i was in bed one morning!].
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I will take her to a vet for a check-up but I do have to say she will go in an pee in the box if you put her and she will as long as she is upstairs at night.
At first I thought she was lazy because she spent all her time downstairs on the couch. But the peeing is really sporatic (since Feb is when it started and it has happened 8 times).
I wonder if it has to do with her being scared? She truely is a scaredy cat...one time I had her on my lap petting her. She was purring. I stopped bid pet (my had to her right) not sure why...msut have just really concentrating on a show on TV or something and she freaked...thought my hand was something else or something. I do have to say she didn't pee on me though.
OK. 1st step to the vet.
Thanks again.
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How many boxes do they have? In addition to taking her to the vet for a urinalysis, and the things that Laureen suggested, I would suggest giving her a couple more choices for boxes (more locations). As a side point, I think in most cases, open (not covered) boxes are best. That may be what you already have, I wasn't sure.

If she doesn't have any medical related bladder problems, it seems like her nervousness and general kitty politics may be encouraging her to hold her urine longer than she should. Then, in a stressful moment the accidents happen easily.
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