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Here I am "The Pest"...

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Got another concern, Mickey is doing something I don't understand. He eats Plays a while then goes under the couch and sleeps for just hours. He only eats now about 3-4 times during the day. He takes 1/2 -3/4 of a just born bottle all these times, and in the am i give him about 1/2 tsp of baby food chicken mixed with his formula in the bottle. Is this normal?? He acts like my adult cats. He usually poops 1 time a day in the AM, and pees after each feeding. I know i am a worrier but i just want him to grow up happy and healthy,and do all I can for him. Should I bug him and wake him up to play and interact with the family and the other cats, or just let him do as he wishes?? I am afraid he is depressed!!
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I would let him do as he wishes. How old is he? Maybe time to start him on canned food.
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If I am right he is about 4 weeks old and kittens that age do sleep a lot. He may be going through a growth spirt.

When he gets about 6 weeks he will start playing longer and longer.

He is eating and going in the litter, I am sure he is just fine
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Thank You for the advice!! I did just let him go and after a while he came out and played with our other cats! He is completely litter trained now and if I could get him to eat solid food I would have the battle won!!I had to be gone all day today so I sat a small plate of wet kitten chow and a small dish of water and it went untouched. He sure wanted his bottle when I got home though!!

He gets to free roam in my daughters old room while no one is home. He was starting to highly object to being in a box!! So he seems happier now!
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Yeah it is pretty hard to keep them contained once they start to roam. It is like trying to trap the wind.

My last(and final) litter of kittens went right to dry kitten chow. They didn't seem to like the wet food. If you have not tried you might want to leave some dry kitten food down and see he will chew on that.
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