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Soft Claws

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I was just wondering if cats with soft claws (those little plastic nail covers) are still able to use their scratching posts? I want my cat to be able to do what she needs to as a cat and get the benefit from scratching, but I want her to stop clawing my couch. Especially when I get a new couch, I don't even want to go there. =P

I've tried a lot of other methods - she chews off tape and tin foil, she *does* use her 2 posts (as well the the couch, my bed, the chair...curtains...etc), I don't really like the spray bottle (it doesn't seem to work either) and i even demonstrated how to use her posts. So if anyone has any other tricks, please let me know, but I am definitely considering investing in Soft Claws (once i have the money haha).

Thank you.
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well, mine do!
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Oliver has no problem using his scratching posts/boards with his soft paws on... just cuz they're wearing caps doesnt mean they don't still have the need to scratch and that their nails don't still shed... I usually find caps that have been shed off right around his scratching areas... try occasionally putting treats/dry kibble pieces and favorite toys near/around/on the posts... that's how I got Oliver to use his, it will take a little time though, don't give up!
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