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Teddy Photo Shoot

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More photos with DH's camera - my handsome fella Teddy

can you see his ghost stripes on the top of his legs

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Teddys so handsome!
He really is looking all grown up now. I can see the ghost stripes but I coudn`t see his white eye-brow whisker! Has it come out or did Miss Moofi pull it?
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He has such big gorgeous eyes
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Awwww Teddy What a gorgeous boy he is!

Ann, how big is Teddy? He has grown sooooooo much! He looks like hes going to be big boy once hes fully grown
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Hi Teddy! Wow those ghost stripes are cool!
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He's so handsome... I need to get pics of our black kitty Teddy one of these days
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Teddy your gorgeous do you know that!!!
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
Oh i'm so in love!! i LOVE black cats, and those eyes are so beautiful! *swoon*
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Originally Posted by watchcaddy View Post

ooh i was going to ask, how come all your cat pictures turn out so bright and perty? do you have an expensive cam, or do you brighten them on a program? i showed Tristan a couple of your pics last night of Stewie with the red background and the one under the couch. They're amazing!
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It looks like Moofi has great lighting in those three shots.

Moofi, I think I'm in loooove... I better not let Chili see him, though. She doesn't need an internet boyfriend! Beautiful cat, beautiful pictures.. I could look at Teddy all day!
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he is very handsome!
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He is beautiful! I am a bit partial to black cats... he looks like my Reggae!
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Oh Teddy, look what a big, elegant boy you are If I am ever in Spain, I'm gonna kiss that nose!
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