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Saving Jenny

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What an afternoon! I was on my way home from the petstore, and I see this gorgeous Irish setter trotting down the street with no human in sight so of course I pulled over Setters have very long hair so I could'nt tell if she had a collar on or not, so I sat down and tried to get her to come to me. Might I add that it is like 90 degrees with rediculous humidity. I sit and call her, she gets close but not close enough to me so I can check for tags, so I slowly edge my way towards her- BAM! she bolts like a rocket! I seen her go a few houses down, so I walked down there-did'nt see her anymore so I assumed she got back in her yard. Something was telling me to drive down the alley to make sure. Sure enough, there she sits by someones garage ok, I'll try again This time when I get out of the car she lays down and rolls on her belly YES! So I pet her for a second, then check her neck- SHE HAS A COLLAR & TAGS!!!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!! I called the # on the tag, and am VERY VERY happy to report that Jenny is now safe, and in the house

So I am home now- exhausted!!!!! I have'nt sweated this much in a long time!!!!! I'm hot, icky, and tired- I'm taking a shower and calling it a day! lol
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WOO HOO!!! Wonderful news
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That's great!!!! Thank you!!!!!
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Yeah!! Good thing for Jenny that you came along!
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WOOHOO! Bless your heart for making such an effort and getting her home where she belonged! You've earned your gold star for the week!
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The whole thing was kinda wierd. I usually do my errand early in the day to avoid the heat, but it was pouring down raining this morning so I had to wait until the afternoon when it finally stopped. Even wierder, I usually don't even drive back home that way when I called the # on the collar to tell the owner her dog was loose she asked what street I was on- I could'nt even tell her it did'nt help I was in the alley Turns out we were right behind her house anyways. So yeah, just a little on the wierd side, even for me. I guess I was just supposed to be there ya know
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Yay! Good for you for stopping

Always nice to hear happy stories.
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Thats great news!!

I wonder how she got out..I hope she doesn't get out again!
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Awww, how wonderful that you were able to get her to her home!
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Thats awesome!!! I bet her owners were thrilled!!
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We had really strong storms earlier, so I'm guessing the wind might have blown the latch loose on the fence- something along those lines. The lady said she had just let her not 5 minutes ago to do her "stuff " she did'nt even know she had gotten out of the yard yet. I'm just happy Jenny did'nt wander towards any of the big streets close by! She is safe and sound back at home She was a really pretty dog too
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