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Not sure...

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if our little one is going to make it or not. Yesterday he/she seemed to be getting stronger, but today he/she is very lathargic and I can't get him/her to drink any milk. I've even tried making sure he/she's warm enough and everything. I guess it's possible he/she is getting milk from mom and I just keep waking him up, but who knows. He/she weighs only 70-75grams so his chances weren't very good to start with, plus his leg makes it a lot harder to get around. I guess time will tell.
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Awww, I'm so sorry to hear that! I really hope he pulls through!
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aww, sometimes no matter what we do they will not overcome what is wrong with them. have you spoken to a vet atall yet about the little ones leg or have i missed a post?70-75gms is quite small, i take it he was the runt? maybe he was concived at a later date to his siblings and may be just a bit prem. do update us when you can.
about the coldness you need to get him as warm as possible if his cold he wont nurse , or if he does it wont digest properly. a heating pad set to low with a towle/blanket covering it , and place it on one side of the nest so they can move away from it if needed. or a sock filled with uncooked rice heated in a microwave for about 1 min.
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I've been using the rice filled sock for him and his siblings have been helping to keep him warm. He was the first born and the runt of the group so it's very possible he's preterm. I did speak to the vet about his leg and he said that it's not a problem that will harm him and that there's nothing they can do until he's older. In most cases the kitten grows out of it. One of his legs has already straightened out.
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yea forests foot straightend out by itself fully after about a week.
i do hope he makes it, will you be keeping any of the kittens?
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I hope he makes it. I don't know what other things to say you are doing the right things. Extra hugs and support.
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He's not going to make it. We came home from church today to find him very lifeless, unable to cry and what looked like possible renal failure. I wrapped him/her in a small towel and put him back in with mom. Once he passes then we will remove him from the box and bury him.
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Dill died last night.
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Awww I am so sorry Jennifer. How is Ginger doing and the rest of the kittens. (((hugs)))
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RIP little Dill. You were much loved by your Meowmy.

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aw im so so sorry. you did everything you could, RIP little one.
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