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No more confusing special Days. No more counting up days, counting down days, counting sideways days. Everybody can play every day. Always the same percentage of payout every day that will continually increase. One simple fill-in-the-blank question a day. One winner a day. Period.These new, simpler rules are a result of listening to what our members were saying.All you do is supply what is in the blank, taken directly off of The Cat Site.Example: Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome is a deformity of a kitten's ribs and sternum (breastbone).The medical term for this is ___________. The blank can be one or more words.

KatKwiz is a kwiz about kats. A kwiz that teaches you how to use The Cat Site to find information about cats.It also has questions to teach you how to find information and accomplish actions using The Cat Site.Each day a question will be posted at various times of the day between 0001 - 2359 GMT (to allow people in different time zones around the world an equal chance), which can be answered by using The Cat Site.The contest lasts for 6 hours. If there are no winners, the points remain in the bank.All questions can be answered somewhere on The Cat Site or on a link provided by The Cat Site.Please just fill in the blank. (Persi & Alley reserve the right to PM apparent winners to seeif you used The Cat Site to find your answer, but there is no need to PM how you found the answer unless asked.)The daily winner, (the KatKwiz Whiz of the day), is the first one that can find an answer on The Cat Site that answers the question and can prove it came from The Cat Site, if PMd by Persi or Alley.

Each day's winner wins 1% of the KatKwiz bank account, at the time of the payout.Note that I get paid 2% every second day so on alternate days, the payout will be less.Just let me ask the question or you can ask the question (see below) and I pay out the points.I will always give one way of finding the answer when the points are awarded. There may be many more.Once Persi & Alley have awarded the points, the contest IS OVER. We do not always live here on The Cat Site, so it may be several hours before the points are awarded. However, you should KNOW ahead of time if you have the right answer.

Even If you do not like games, stop by every day to learn something about The Cat Site you may not have already known. So, every day watch The Cat Lounge for the title *****KatKwiz #nn*****You may have to scroll a long way to find it because a post only gets refreshed whenthere is a new answer, and The Cat Lounge is a very active forum.

Where do the points come from?

KatKwiz has a bank balance which earns interest. Each day the daily winner is paid 1% of the current bank account which represents the interest the account earns. So, as an example, if the balance was 52,284 points, you would win 522 points (just look at the first three numbers!) I also make points posting, which along with member's donated points,allow the bank balance to keep going up, which allows a higher payout.Note that none of the KatKwiz points belong to me, they belong to the members that donated them.I promise that I never use a single point for my own benefit at any time.If at any time KatKwiz ends, all donated points will be returned and any extra points given away in a final contest.

Do You have a good KatKwiz question?

Do you have a question that you would like to see used as a KatKwiz question? Do you know some information about The Cat Site that very few people would know? Is there something or somebody on The Cat Site you would like to publicize? PM me with your question and if used, you will be credited and I will pay the points!