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Quick Reply?

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All of a sudden the quick reply option is not available when replying to threads. Is this something I can turn back on in User CP?
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It is still available for me

I don't think it can be turned on/off it may just be a bug?
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The quick reply box is at the bottom of the page, however, there is no quick reply button to click on in each person's replies in the thread so I can't use the quick reply box. Does that make sense?
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What skin and browser are you using.

I use name me june in firefox and have it, I know some IE people were having problems
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I'm not sure what a skin is but I use IE. I used to be able to do quick replies but I can't anymore. Oh, well.
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Have you tried cleaning out your browser cache?
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All the way down at the bottom of the page, on the left-hand side, you should see a box that allows you to change "skins", i.e., the colors the pages are shown in. Try clicking through the various options to see if the "Quick Reply" button is visible.

I rather suspect that the latest vBulletin version isn't exclusively geared to IE, as more and more people are using alternative browsers like Firefox. Although I don't use Firefox as my default browser, I was using it today, and noticed some changes when viewing TCS.

But check your cache, too.
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