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Video Card?

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Last night my computer acted up then began displaying colors that it should not be displaying. My greens are yellow, my blues are kinda pale/white, purples are blue. Think my poor reds are just history. Does this sound like a video card issue?

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Could be your card, your monitor, or your cable.
Before completely freaking out though, check and make sure there is nothing magnetic anywhere near your monitor that could be causing interference.

If that doesn't solve it then check your monitor cable, make sure there are no bent or loose pins in and, and make sure it is securely plugged in.

Next, try another monitor (borrow one if you have to).
If the picture if fine on another monitor, then it's your monitor.

Check your videocard, make sure it is seated properly and check all connections.

Update your video drivers.

If you do all of these in order and your pic is still screwy, then yes, it's your card.
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Thank you The monitor is a new one, about two months old so hopefully it isn't that. I'll do the drivers and see what happens.
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Something like this happened to my laptop. Everything was distorted and discolored. I rolled back the drivers to before it happened and it has been fine ever since. Maybe try that?
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your monitor, or your cables 99% of the time,
somtimes it can be the drivers, but i hvae seen a couple of time wher epeople had something with a magent near the monitor that was causing stuff
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