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i thought it was a nightmare...

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but then I woke up today and he's still gone...I got home from work last night only to find my Meowser laying next to the bed unable to move, drooling uncontrollably, panting, and crying. My husband and I ran to bring him to the vet, we had no idea what happened and I was terrified!!!! I sat in the back seat with him in the carrier, he kept crying and drooling and making sounds like he was choking on his saliva....and he kept trying to get out of the carrier but he couldn't move his back feet so he was dragging himself and I just started sobbing, he looked so scared and I couldn't help him...his tongue started turning blue, and he kept choking and I was trying to do SOMETHING but I didn't know WHAT to do so I just kept trying to get him to calm down by whispering to him that I loved him and just hold on, and by petting him. There was SO much traffic because of rush hour plus the monsoon rain we had, we didn't make it to the doctor, he put his head down and covered his face with his paw like he does when he's sleeping and he was gone
it's been 14 hours now and i still can't believe it, i haven't really slept i called in sick, and i'm just alone on my couch missing him like crazy already, going into these awful crying spells every couple of minutes, and feeling an overall sense of heartache, fogginess, and shock. if i had known he was going to go, i would have taken him out of the carrier and held him in my arms. he was so scared and looked like he was in so much pain, i can't bear to even think about it. by the time we got to the vet,there was no heartbeat. seeing him pass was the worst thing i have ever experienced and the only thing that used to comfort me and cheer me up during the bad times was him... i'm sorry i never post but i always visit the site, but i no one else seems to understand how important he was to me, and he wasn't "just a cat", he was my baby and my best buddy.i love you Meowser.
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My heart and thoughts are with you during this terribly difficult time

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Meowser
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I am very sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Meowser.
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I am so sorry for your loss, may Meowser rest in peace Big HUGS to you I hope you stick around, you will find a lot of comfort here
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How awful for you and your sweet baby. Just know that he knew how much he was loved..My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.

RIP sweet one.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss

I know how much you miss your boy. I won't say it will get better, because you will always miss him, but it will get different and in time you will be able to remember more of the happy times with him.

Rest in peace, sweet Meowser
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it's so hard when is sudden... at least you didn't have to make the decision to let him go, he took that difficulty from you & left you in your presence. it'll get easier, but you'll always miss him. to you during this painful time.
Meowser - look for Mouse - she'll show you around, just like Alley will!
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iam so sorry that you's have lost you precious baby may he rest in peace forever good night
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I'm so very sorry for your deep and heartwrenching loss.

Believe me, we all understand here that Meowser was so much more than "just a cat". He was your friend, your companion, your child or sibling, your furry soul-mate. His place in your heart is huge, and it will never be filled by another. Others will find their own place in your heart, but his spot is sacred.

He is no longer in pain; he is no longer scared. He knows how completely you love him, and he loves you completely too. He'll always be with you, in that special place in your heart, and watching you from the Bridge.
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I am so very sorry for your loss, everyone here understands and knows what you are going through.

RIP Meowser
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Oh no - I am so sorry and sadden to hear about your sweet Meowser - what a tough time you have certainly been through

You will have some wonderful memories of your special boy and in time after the pain eases a little, those memories will bring a smile across your time

RIP Precious Meowser, have lots of new kitty adventures over the Bridge

look down now and then and send a purr to your moma she misses and loves you so
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I'm so sorry, what an awful experience that must have been for you

Meowser keep looking down on those that love you and miss you so much, but have a wonderful time playing at the bridge with all your new friends from TCS

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I understand what you're feeling right now, and I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Meowser, that would have been so incredibly traumatic for you I imagine it would have been an extreme comfort to him knowing you were there with him for his last moments.

May he rest in peace.
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As the others have already said, all of us here understand how much he meant to you and how you are heartbroken and grieving. Allow yourself to grieve but don't blame yourself. He knew you loved him and he loved you. Time will help the hurt to fade but he'll always have that special place in your heart and you'll never forget him as none of us have forgotten out kitties over the bridge.
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I am so extremely sorry for your loss. I know how you feel, I lost my 17 year old, only I was fortunate to be holding her when she died. Don' be hard on yourself, Meowsy knew you were there and that you loved her. It took a year for me to get over the depression I went into after she died, so let yourself grieve. And, when you are starting to heal again, there is always another baby who needs you.
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You came to the right place where people understand Meowser was more than just a cat!! Hugs to you, and hopefully at some point you can take some comfort what a comfort YOU were in the last moments. RIP Meowser, say hi to my RB kitty Smudge.
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My heartfelt condolences.
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That is so sad!

I`m so sorry for you Soon you will start to remember happier times and come to terms with your loss. Until then

RIP little one
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I'm so sorry that you lost your precious Meowser! How helpless you must have felt! My sincere condolences!
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I am so very sorry for your loss my prayers are with you.
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I´m so sorry for your loss...I know how you feel. It´s so unfair..for our pets to be taken from us without any warning. My thoughts are with you. RIP little one.
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Oh, no! I am sincerely sorry for your tragic and sudden loss. I have gone through that path as well.I realize what it is like to lose a friend so suddenly and in such an awful manner. On this forum, you will find many kind people who will support and comfort you during these difficult times. Again, my deepest condolences for the loss of your Meowser. RIP little one, you will not be forgotten
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