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Help please....kitty with a fat lip

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Woke up this morning to discover that Kiki Kat has a swollen lip. This is on the lip and not involving the teeth as far as I can tell. She is still eating and it dont seem to be hurting her any. She lets me feel it and it is rather hard feeling. Does anyone know what this is and whether or not she should see the vet?? I am VERY broke this week so a vet visit would really be a problem.
But of course will do so if necessary. Thanks for any help you can give.


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Is there heat radiating off of it? Have you taken her vitals and is all normal there? Is she an inside only cat or an outside/inside?

You can put some oraljel on it if it bothers her, but more than likely she bit herself when she jumped down off a high place. I would watch her closely, see if she runs a temp. A temp would tell you she has an abscess and THEN a vet visit is in order PRONTO!
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Hi Hissy.....
No it does not feel hot at all and doesnt seem to bother her when I touch it. I did not see any break in the skin or any puncture marks. She ate all her food this morning and is acting quite normal. Maybe a spider bite? She is an indoor/outdoor cat as we live in the country and there is no traffic danger. But she stays inside most of the time.
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I moved this to the health forum as it is where it belongs.
If it is not warm to the touch and it does not go down within a few days, you should consult the vet. It may be a growth that needs to be looked at. I never like to say wait to get to the vet. I do think that if it is not warm or bothering her, it may be able to wait until next week. If she starts acting like she is not feeling well, rush her in.
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One of my cats has this same problem. The 1st time it happened I took him to the vets where they said it was probably allergies & gave him an antihistamine shot. The swelling went away. That was about 4 months ago.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, another swollen lip. This time I decided to wait a few days & take him in only if it seemed to bother him or affect his eating. It didn't. After a few days the swelling started to go down & was completly gone w/in 8 or 9 days.

If your cat doesn't seem bothered by it, I think you're safe to hold off on a vet visit. Hopefully, it will go away on it's own.
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Thanks KarenS...
No she dont seem to be bothered at all with it. In fact I believe that the swelling has gone down some!

Thanks again, Meme
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