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So precious!

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It's 4:45am and I can't sleep. My left hip is really sore when I sleep on it, feels like nerve pain?? I'm supposed to be sleeping on my left side so have gotten into that habit so keep waking up in pain. As well as that because I'm sleeping weirdly, my back is now hurting, and my neck is aching.

So I've decided to give up and just play around the laptop and then probably read. Anyway, so I woke up and discovered Stumpy snuggled against my leg. Then as soon as I turned the light on, Smudge came running in and is curled up on my chest purring at me and nuzzling my face, and Lily has just come in as well to check on things.

Sweet little things
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aww thats just got to make your day - how sweet
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
aww thats just got to make your day - how sweet
Yah, I almost don't want DH coming back, because this is the only time Smudge has shown me real affection
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aw, your girls are just checking on their Mama
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That's so nice that they came in to see you, they knew that you wanted them there
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What a lovely way to waken. That would have definitely kept me in bed.
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That's so sweet..They seem to know that you aren't feeling well don't they..
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That's so sweet
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I managed to go back to sleep after a while, just woke up again and not only are Smudge and Stumpy still curled up on the bed with me - but they're lying together!!! And touching!!!!! And Stumpy has lick marks on her bum end - and Smudge is still here to tell the tale!

Stumpy NEVER lets Smudge curl up with her
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Awwwwwwwww, is there anything better than that!?!?
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It sounds like they understand that the house isn't right without your DH, so they're giving you extra love while he's gone. Are cats great or what?
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Awww! They sure love their meowmy! You'll have to tell DH to stay away another week or two
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