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Black Tongue!!

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I just had to share the funny thing that happened to me last night. As some of you know, John and I live in the basement of his parents house. Well, last night around 2 a.m. I woke up to the sound of my dog throwing up. I rushed him outside. We came back in and I noticed John wasn't in bed. It was unusual because he NEVER gets out of bed until it's time for work, but he had said before he fell asleep that he wasn't feeling very well. I contemplated going up to check on him, but heard the basement door shut. I had just gotten back into bed when he came down. He came into the room... and turned the light on. This is the exact conversation that followed:

John: "Sit up!"

Me: "Why"

John: "Sit up now!"

So I sat up.

John: "Now stick out your tongue"

Me: "Excuse me?"

John: "Just do it!"

So to humor him, I stuck out my tongue.

John: "Your tongue is black too!!! Get upstairs and brush your teeth and your tongue, right now!"

I was starting to get slightly annoyed, I just wanted to go back to sleep, but he was pushing me to get up. On the way upstairs he explained to me that he had a stomach ache so went up to the bathroom. While he was up there, he decided to brush his teeth and noticed he was spitting out black stuff... when he looked at his tongue it was black.
So we went into the bathroom and I brushed my teeth with him supervising my every move. I brushed all the black off my tongue, and used mouthwash at his insistence. I didn't know what was going on with the black tongue but honestly I was too tired to care. We left the bathroom and I was all ready to go back downstairs to bed and he flops down on the couch.

Me: "What are you doing?"

John: "I'm not going back down there! We must have breathed in something. We need to find an apartment! We need to get the air tested! We need to get the animals out of there right now!!"

Me: "There must be a logical explanation. What in the air could have caused this?"

John: "I don't know!!! But it had to be something! I'm not going back down there!"

Me: "Ok, how about I go look up on the internet what might cause it?"

John: "Good idea, I'll be right here"

So I came down into the evil basement and typed in "black tongue" in the Google search bar. I laughed so hard I started crying. Everything I read said that Pepto Bismol causes a black tongue... we had both chewed on a couple Pepto chewables last night because we ate too much pizza. As soon as I stopped laughing I went back upstairs.

Me: "Come on, get up, we're going to bed"

John: "But..."

Me: "Do you remember what you had last night for your stomach?"

John: "Pepto?"

Me: "Right. It can cause a black tongue"

He pulled a blanket over his head. He was starting to feel ridiculous for having flipped out so much over something so small. I had to offer him my side of the bed (the kittens prefer his side, thus giving him very little room to move all night ) before he'd come back downstairs.
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Well at least you know he cares, right?
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That's hilarious!
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Glad it wasn't something serious! I didn't know pepto turned your tongue black either. I had heard it turns other, erm...grosser (is that a word?!? ) things black, but never the tongue.
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Least it wasn't anything serious...but I've never heard of something in the air that could of caused a black tongue..
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That is hilarious
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post

Well at least you know he cares, right?
Right! And I tell him daily how boring my life would be without him in it
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That is too funny! Honestly, I would have probably flipped out too. First thing I would have thought of is the Plague! Luckily, you had the sense to research it...I probably would have rushed to the emergency room. I never knew the tablets would do that either.
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I have had this a few times myself. The first time I got it, it is also called "Hairy Tongue", I was just talking to my husband and he flipped out so bad, I asked him why he was going nuts since we were just talking about something so calm and simple and he just up and went into a panic. He kept yelling "LET ME SEE YOUR TONGUE" and I finally got very mad because he was being so rude to me while I was trying to talk to him.

After he finally got me to stick my tongue out, his eyes got big as could be and HE ran to brush HIS teeth..... it didn't hurt or anything, it was just there. I humored him and went to brush my teeth and like you, I researced it.

After that didn't settle him, I called and went to the Dr..... he says it can be any number of things, Pepto Bismol is one of the causes. Too much smoking, if you smoke, is another issue.

What caused MINE was antibiotics. I was so sick for many months and was on one round of antibiotics after another, which as some of you know can cause a yeast infection and this can setup in your mouth on your tongue as well. After about 5 months of this on and off, they finally found out I had diabetes and that's why I was so sick and on so many antibiotics all the time. I was having colds and flu due to my low immune system, you name it and it was getting me, but not once did a urine test come up until I had a Kidney infection and was on yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics...... I was on them more than I wasn't, so my tongue just almost stayed black for about 5 months or so.

It doesn't hurt at all, but if you look close, the hairs on your tongue are pretty long and it gagged me looking at it. lmao

Want to really get your husband? Go and stick your tongue out as far as you can at him and tell him to look closely at the hairs on your tongue. If he is anything like my husband, the look on his face alone will be priceless.. ESPECIALLY since your husband has it too.

I know that sounds mean, but I am a practical joker and I love making him freak when I know everything is ok.

It was pretty bad with me, because I had it for a LONG time so the hairs on the back of MY tongue got almost long enough to comb.
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Ohhh that is SOOO gross

I hate Pepto - can't stand the stuff - makes me throw up. So I'm glad to know it also causes a black tongue (why? its pink????) Anyway as I was reading thought you guys might have eaten the black licorice or the licorice ice cream
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When you were quoting your husband yelling at you to sit up, I expected you to say he was actually talking to the dog...
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