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Well, I usually fold it in half the long way and eat it with my hand.

But with all my dental issues lately, I now have to cut it up into pieces and eat it with a fork. It just isn't the same!
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Ok, I'm in the minority here. I eat mine with a fork. My husband makes fun of me all of the time for it. Growing up, my mom and brother made fun of me and my dad, because both of us always ate it with a fork. For me, I don't like all of the grease on my hands and I prefer not to be fighting with the cheese, so a fork it is.
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I know it sounds weird, but I always eat the first half with a fork and the rest with my hands. I prefer to eat it with my hands, but at the begining, the pizza always falls down and it's not fun!
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Well, since I AM from chicago, I consider this one of my areas of expertise....

Pizza should NEVER be eaten with a fork UNLESS it is a deep dish pizza that is litterally to heavy to pick up :]

mmmmmmmmmm pizza.
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Most of the time I don't even use a plate. I pick my piece up right from the box with my hand and eat it without the need to put it down.
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[could have sworn I posted here yesterday -- gremlins, I think...] ...anyway...

Fingers were made before forks.
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I eat it with my hands unless it's a really thick piece of pizza I will eat it with a fork.
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I usually eat it with a fork. I hate getting greasy fingers.

I know I'm a weirdo.
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I'm a freak too. I always use a fork, but I do pick up the crust to eat that. Earl made fun of me for a long time, too, but has since given up and realizes that's just how I eat pizza.
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I admit, I use a knife and fork just until it cools off enough to eat with my hands.
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I'm one of the minority too. I eat it with my hands, I dont like to get my fingers greasy, and I dont like touching my food. Its just something I do. But I do eat the crust with my fingers. I've been made fun of my entire life for this but I dont care, thats just how I do it.
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With my hands of course, if I needed a fork and knife I would cook a meal.
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I eat pizza with my hands and my mouth.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
unless it's really, really hot, or really, really drippy...
Yup, same here, only if its too difficult to eat with my hands.
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Hands all the way!!!
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Originally Posted by KarmasMom View Post
...He is saying that he will start blending it in a blender and suck it through a straw. Plus he is talking like a caveman and making fun of us for eating pizza like it should be eaten. I had no idea I married a dork. He adds that he is sorry he know how to use tools and we don't. He also says sorry he evolved....
Ha! Fork-user or not, I think I like this guy!
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Now, as for me... I like a thin, crispy crust, so I say if the pizza is too limp to pick up, then it's probably not worth eating!

And as for these people who don't eat the crust... my mom's that way, too, and it just stuns me! THAT'S THE BEST PART! By golly, if you don't appreciate the crust, tear it off before you begin and hand it over to someone who does!
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I use a knife and fork if I'm eating it in a restaurant but usually hands at home. Depends on where I'm sitting too - if I'm on the sofa watching tv then it's hands, but if I'm sitting at a table it doesn't seem right to use hands - knife and fork makes more sense to me. Also, if I'm having pizza in a restaurant I usually have a side salad with it so if I'm using a knife and fork to eat that I'm not going to keep putting them down to pick up the pizza with my hands. I usually end up burning my mouth when I use hands only too (and don't say wait til it cools - cold pizza is gross).
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