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Have found a couple of sites that have doggy toilets, one with grate only & one with grate & grass. www.citystreetmarket.com/DogLitterBox.html - Wiz Dog, or www.uniquedistributors.com/dogpotty.html -Pup Head - with dog grass. Its worth considering if you really want to get a dog.
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I have two indoor dogs. Large. Hershey chases after Lucky because she HATES dogs. She does not tolerate him. So I have to watch out for her, and make sure she isn't in the room, when he has freedom in the house. So he is in the Utility Room anytime I am gone. And Whisper is in her crate when we are gone. And, she is a puppy. But they are both indoor dogs. They are both Labs. Good luck!!
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My sis has a mix breed small dog that uses a litter box. It works great for them!

As for JRTs I do have one and I have 2 cats and my little kitten I found. He loves the cats LOL. Especially the kitten!!

I also have 2 other dogs, all my pets are indoors.

My brother has a Great Dane and she is a very calm laid back "BIG" girl, and he lives in a very small house without a fenced in yard. She is barky however.
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I have big dogs, all inside. It isn't hard. I wouldn't have it any other way. I grew up with big dogs outside, and you know what, I missed out on so much.

We were kids and played outside a lot, but didn't really spend near the time with them as we did with the small indoor dogs. Bonding was not near as high with the outside dogs (due to lack of time) and they destroyed a lot more stuff too (frustration and boredom). Not many people spend hours a day (or even an hour daily) in their backyard.

Some gets dogs for protection and put them in their backyard. This makes me laugh, what is the dog protecting, your yard? Many time "yard dogs" bark so much humans ignore it and real alarms can't be distinguished from false alarms.
It isn't you or your house they are protecting out there. My inside dogs protect the house and the humans inside the home, not the bare backyard.

I would miss out on so much if my dogs weren't indoor. They are a big part of my life, sleep with us, and provide us with entertainment and company. Most dog's don't exercise alone outdoors either, walks are are important and essential. My indoor dogs get at least a 30 minute walk per day, most of the time more. Fetch is also a favorite game.

Dogs are dogs, they are all social beings. To me it isn't even a rational decision to make to force a dog to live outdoors rather than giving him/her access to indoors with their human pack.

It isn't fair to treat one differently just since it weighs 15 extra pounds than another. I wouldn't appreciate if someone did that to me simply since I gained a little weight. Weight is subjective, dogs are social and all should live indoors with their humans IMO.

Good luck, I think a retired greyhound would be a wonderful choice! I know someone that owns one and the dog is just wonderful.
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Kudos for giving this alot of thought and making an informed decision. If more people did this there would be alot fewer dogs in shelters!

Before I moved into a house, I had a one BR apartment. I had both Tal (my year old Lab) and Midnight (my 9 y/o cat) inside. I always make sure that Tal has enough exercise. I also give him lots of attention when I am home. A dog is a big commitment and dogs are higher maintenance than cats for sure.

Tal rarely barks. In doing my research last year I read that many folks in places like NYC have Labs and other large breeds who do very well in small apartments but they get plenty of exercise.

Like others said, a bored unexercised dog is a wrecking ball and a problem child waiting to happen.
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I live in a 534 sq/ft house, with my husband, five cats and three dogs. I have two rotweilers and a boston terrier. We raised Frau from a puppy in an apartment (which was actually bigger than the house we have now!) on the third story. We didn't let her onto the balcony unless we were with her, and the manager said it was actually illegal to have a dog out there without a human. And to have them potty out there.

My advice is to research your breeds. Decide what you want/need in a dog, go to dog shows and talk to breeders and handlers, pet the dogs, see them in action. Watch the obedience trials. Even if you decide to rescue, knowing what breeds went into your mix will help you understand their drives and training requirements. My brother has a bulldo/JRT mix. She looked like a bulldog as a puppy, so he thought she would be mellow and big. Instead, she is a 40 lb jack russel with an unlimited supply of frantic energy and enough drive for ten dogs. Certainly NOT the dog he should have gotten.

I personally don't feel that the size of the dog limits what breed/mix can live in an apartment. As long as they are properly and lovingly trained and exercised accordingly, any dog can live happily with it's owner.
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I think there are many good breed choices for an apartment. It is my understanding retired racing Greyhounds do well, but many are NOT safe with cats. We use to live in an apartment that allowed pets. One person had Shelties, which I would not recommend. I am speaking in general terms, but they seem to bark quite a bit. One guy had Bloston Terriers. They were fairly quiet, and easy to housebreak according to him. I think the best idea is to speak with a rescue. They know their dogs, and can help you pick the right one for your situation.
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My friend works for this company . . . Might be a solution for you

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