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What is going on??

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my cat, Gracie, who is due around July 10th is acting really strange today. I have been writing down things I've noticed that change with her each day. Today she's been eating a lot more of the kitten chow, but seperating her meals even more. She wants a LOT of attention, more so then just yesterday. She can't really get comfortable and she won't lay in her 'nest' for long and she won't sleep in it, where as yesterday she was taking 2 hour long naps in there without hesitation. More milk has come and her belly got bigger today as well.

But what is really confusing me is she that about an hour ago, she got in her litter box(actually there are 2 in the room) and was pawing the litter around like she was going to/had gone potty, except she wouldn't. She keeps getting in and out of the 2 and seems pretty restless about it. She will get in the litter box and meow over and over, then go shooting off across the room and tweak out! is there a reason she's doing this? I really don't think she's in labor, and I think her due date is correct so I don't think she'll have her kittens yet, but is there anything I can do to help her out or calm her down? Maybe the kittens are just bothering her, they were kicking pretty hard earlier!

Don't worry either, she CAN go potty, so it's not like she's blocked or anything, she just wants to hang out in her litter box!
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Are you 100% sure of when she got pregnant? Also cats can give birth sooner than the expected due date.
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No we aren't, cause she is a stray we took in mid-april(we took her into the vet and she wasn't pregnant then, we're pretty sure she got pregnant early may, give or take) and after researching a LOT and using this pregnancy calendar thing, seeing when I could finally start feeling the kittens move/kick, it says she is due July 10th. Of course, I know that this is highly likely not 100% true, but that is what I am trying to go by and I think it's pretty correct. She got out of the litter box now and laid on my bed and is now watching Animal Cops Houston

I still would like to know why she was doing that, though. Is it something all cats will do when they're nearing the end of their pregnancy? The kittens were kicking hard today but weren't as active as I would think they would be if she was in labor. She's also not showing any other signs indicating she might deliver soon.
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she might have been pregnant when you took her to the vet but she could have been only just pregnant and the vet might not have been able to tell just yet. so its possible that she was already pregnant. would that make the dates any closer?
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That's what Ginger did right before going into labor. I think it went on for about a day or two. Make sure you put something in the litter box other than clumping litter, something like shredded paper. If she has her babies in the litter box with clumping litter it will be really bad.
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She could have early labor pains and its confusing her. I agree - put newspaper in the litter box (or paper towels would be better).

Is her kittening box ready? In a darker place? Also fix up two pillowcases - one with newspaper in when delivering; the other with a soft towel after the kittens are all born.

If she's producing milk, she's within a day or two of delivering.
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