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Have you ever seen a Liger before?

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Have any of you seen a Liger before? I was amazed at the sheet size of this animal. In case you don't know a liger is a cross between a Tiger and lion. They are actually very pretty I think.

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Wow! Very cool! I agree, I cannot believe the size of this creature. With the people standing/hugging this animal - it shows how absolutely huge this liger is. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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Whoa! Is that for real?? I know they have Zebonkey's in South Africa (a cross between a zebra and a donkey) but that Liger is absolutely huge!!
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They really ARE real! Liger
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Wow, that animal is enormous! Is that for real??
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Kitten mills. I saw one on Animal Planet where nearly a hundren were kept in filth and starved due to lack of buyers. It took a long tome to find them all as they were in leantoos with broken down fencing. Just the safty of the rescuers was a huge undertaking...
So sad
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That is so true. Many people are drawn to the sheer size of ligers and try to make money off these magnificent creatures just like people do off cats and dogs. Is very sad.

But I just wanted to share that with y'all. I thought they were very cool.

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Dang thats huge, but what a beautiful creature!
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Hahha, I know that little beauty! I've got some pictures of that one myself.

I could scan them, but I think they are in Maine. I do have one on top of my TV of the red stripped tiger who travels in that renisance fair with him.

I believe I saw him at King Richards Fair, 2 or 3 times.

They are very impressive, 10 feet tall standing up when I first met him I believe.
Simply captiviating.
I was no less than 5 feet away from him, it was great!
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Wow that's one big kitty!
We have Tigons in our zoo here in Canberra but they don't have any Ligers yet.
The Tigons are beautiful too
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Man - I would want to hug it too!
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