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Free Stuff in UK!

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Alright, here's the list, like I promised:

James Wellbeloved sample: http://www.wellbeloved.com/welcome/f...mple/index.htm

DINE Dome sample: http://www.dine.com.au/domeregister.asp

Free sample bag of Purina One: http://www.purinaone.co.uk/uk/cat/sampling/

Free samples of dog training treats: http://www.dogtraininginfo.co.uk/free_samples.htm

Whiskas Kitten Care Package: http://www.whiskas.co.uk/whiskas/en-...enpackform.asp

Free Iams Pet Food Measuring cup: http://www.iams.com/en_BI/jhtmls/reg...06950C39558826

Free Eukanuba Puppy Pack: http://www2.pgsampling.com/html/euka...ukanuba_uk.php

Free Pet Tag(Australia only, sorry)(click the big "I agree" button): http://www.petregister.com.au/index.php?content=Sign_Up

Sample of Franks Pro-Gold(you have to call): http://www.franksprogold.co.uk/contact.htm

Free Felix Kitten Pack(register to receive): http://www.catslikefelix.co.uk/index.asp?PageID=6

Vitalin Sample(you have to call): http://www.vitalinpetfood.co.uk/response_form.htm

Free sample of Holistic Pets and free nutrition booklet(send an email): http://www.landofholisticpets.co.uk/

I'll let ya'll know if I find any more, or feel free to add any you know of.
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I'm imagining Epona would have fun with this
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