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Fighting kitten

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New member and all that!

My kitten wants to fight me all the time. She's 15 weeks old. I gather that this maybe because when I at home occasionally in the day, working from home, she wants to play.

I've had cats all of my life, but memory fails me. I can't quite remember if my last cat was like this. Am I forgetting, or is she trying to tell me something?

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She's probably full of energy from the time you are working. Yes its more play. Any possibility of adopting another kitten for her to play with and use up some of the energy?
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Hullo Ricky and welcome to the site well your little one sounds a sweetie, whats her name ?
oooo and any chance of posting us some photos we love photos here, especially newbies

I agree with Goldenkitty - your kitty is just full of beans and as she is only a kitten she is still learning all the things she needs to know when shes a big girl So just lots of play time with fun things !

Do you have toys that she can play with when you are out ?

Well keep us posted and let us know how things go with her
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