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Peanut escaped

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I am fairly new this forum. I have a 7month old male cat that had just been neutered on Monday. Yesterday he escaped from the screen window and he hasn't come back since. I saw him last night coming from the wooded area, but ran when our dog went to check him out. He was out there all last night (first time being out at night all alone). He has been outdoors before but only under our watchful eyes. I beleive he will come back in when he is hungry. Anything else I can do, short of putting out a trap? Thanks.
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First and foremost confne your dog to keep him from scaring the kitten away.

You might try putting a bowl of food out where you saw him, back off a good distance then watch and wait to see if he smells it and comes out. You'll have to watch and wait though cuz you don't want him to just eat it and leave. Also, you'll need to keep other animals away from it but don't do so by making loud noises. He might be near and be scared off by the noise.

You might also be sure you put water out for him even when you aren't out watching for him. He'll be able to do without food for a few days but not water.

I hope you find him soon.
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Hello and welcome ! I am sorry that your kitty has taken off

Maybe if you leave his cat-lit tray near your house, he will be attracted by the his own scent. If you see him approach come out with some food, you will have to be slow and walk softly so as not to spook him. You may then be able to get his attention and get him back to your house but keep your dog in, as your dog may upset your cat again.

Hopefully he will know the area a little and will recognise his scent trails, this will be one of the things that will help him find his way home

I would also leave a window open during the day, if you can of course, this once happened to me years ago and the kitty just came back and jumped in through the kitchen window

Sending lots of come home (((((vibes))))) for you kitty - keep us posted !
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Hopefully he will come back soon. Other then borrowing a humane trap, the other suggestions probably will work.

What I'm more concerned with is that he just got neutered - AND more then likely there is a femal in heat - he will mate with her if given the chance and can get her pregnant. Males are still "fertile" about a month after neutering - takes that long to get all the hormones out of his system.

As soon as he's back inside - confine him with lock and key
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I am so sorry to hear about your kitty . I hope he comes back soon!!!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
What I'm more concerned with is that he just got neutered - AND more then likely there is a femal in heat - he will mate with her if given the chance and can get her pregnant.
That is true, however....as much as the overpopulation of unwanted cats and dogs bothers me, I think the furthest thing from nettymathias' mind is that Peanut could get a cat pregnant.

I think the main concern is just that Peanut gets home safe. I hope he does.
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just checking back, any news on Peanut as yet
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I found Peanut last night. I went into the wooded area where I had seen him the previous night. I walked around calling for him for about 20 mins. I then heard a faint meow and walked to that area. He spied me and almost ran away (you could tell he was very frightened). I then used my "mommy" voice and sat down with some food in my hand talking to him. He then came to me and I quickly took him into the house. He was pretty hungry and very thirsty. He looked okay - he had a scratch on his nose and looked like he lost a pound or two. Needless to say, all he wanted was attention, he fell asleep in my lap and then slept with me all night. He was curled up with my husband in bed when I went to work this morning.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. He won't be going outside for a few weeks - and then probably with us watching him.
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YAY! I'm so happy for you. And I bet it felt good seeing how much he missed you!
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Glad he's home and unhurt Bad little boy!
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