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Our shelter was full already. We are desperately searching for dog and cat rescue. Now mold and mushrooms started growing out of the office walls. They have closed the office and forced all of our work into the hallway. We had to use one kennel just to store cabinets and office items. We can't use three of the dog runs because they have decided since they back up to the office they want to observe if water accumulates in them.

I fear that since the cat room is in the same building that they will be tearing it apart next. We can't fit all the cats in any other part of the building.
Dreama's kittens are 2 orange boys and 2 tabby/tortie girls.
Keith Richards is healthy and friendly.
Zyrrie is adopted.
Rerun and Linus, Texas T, Black Gold and Clampett are much better and will be completely well soon. All are very friendly. Genevive loves to be petted but not picked up. Aggie, Shoney and JBoy need more socialization but aren't wild.
Ron Weasley and Kitter have adopters(fingers crossed that they stick). Arabesque acts like nothing is wrong with her. Her leg is healing nicely.
She is very friendly.

Please rescue our dogs. We are full and have to pick which of our friends will die.
Gaston, Babette, Sequoia, Rocky, Lauren, Elmo, Peggy Sue, Herman, Pecan, Baby Blackie, Rascal, Buttons, Madaleine, Cici, Ashley, Mamie, Hopkins, Honey, Chestnut, Margot, Gigi, Maggie and Jasper would do well most anywhere.
Sassy Ciera, Patton, Barney, Butterbean, Hoss, Flash, and some of the others would do well as long as there aren't same sex dogs in the home or a lot of dogs in the home.
We really need rescue.

Please crosspost for any of our dogs or cats! If you need to know any more to post please email me or the addy below the pets photo.
you can see them here
shelter number is 270-230-8839

Posted Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:50 pm:

our adoption coordinator has written this crosspost. we are really having hard times and hoping for help.
rescues can send references and adoption contracts to get approved.

**Permission to Crosspost**

We are kind of at our wits' end. Our building has developed some
kind of problem in the office area, so we are operating out of the
hallway, which is no real problem; the problem is that the 3 kennels
adjacent to the office from the outside have to remain out of
commission while the problem is resolved. We possibly have kennel
space for two more dogs and then we are full. In addition, our main
cleaning person had to stop, so that has left only the few remaining
volunteers to clean all the kennels and walk the dogs every day.

The only dogs we have any "hope" of placing soon are the sweet
Thomas pups and the remaining Chocolate lab pup, Ashley, but even
those are not a given and our little man, Buttons (but that is still
a couple of weeks away). The dogs at my house (Quinn, Little Eva,
Heidi, Auf, Daisy and Cricket) are not in danger. We see nothing on
the horizon in terms of rescue or adoption. Unfortunately or
fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we do not have a lot
of puppies or smaller dogs. Many of the ones we do have are just
the greatest; their only "fault" is that they are adults and
somewhat bigger. If you see anyone you might be able to help,
please contact us. We will take additional pictures, answer any
questions you have, and assist with transport – ideally we could
plan a transport and deliver even just one dog here and there along
the route.

We all get in a big squabble when we have to discuss who we are
going to kill; please help us resolve this issue before we even
begin. Some dogs are already vetted; with enough notice we can get
them fully vetted for something like $70.

Donna White

Grayson County Humane Society

213 William Thomason Byway

Leitchfield, KY 42754