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How do kids learn these things.

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Ok, most of you know I have a 14 month old (Derek, aka D-Man) and a mouthy little boy who is almost 2 and a half (Kevin, aka Kev).

Last night we wer sitting and watching tv - one of their movies and my DH looked at me and said "Did Kev just count my toes in Spanish?" I looked at him and said that I didn't think so as we have only been practicing number in English.

So we asked Kevin to count Daddy's toes again and sure enough he counted 1 through 5 in Spanish. WOW! Talk about being knocked off your seat. Then I figured it out. His current favourite show is Go, Diego, go and Diego always counts in Spanish so I guess he has been paying attention.

It is amazing how much and how quickly his little brain is absorbing things. I told DH that we really have to be careful with what we say in front of him as he has taken to parroting everything we say. Of course DH thinks this is great and is teahing not so nice things to say (Chica boom boom to well endowed women, etc).

I know that he was been picking up some sign language with the Baby Einstien movies. I want him to learn as much as he wants so that nothing can hold him back in life. Now if I could find someone to teach him French.....
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those should help!!!
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Wow!! Kids are so amazing! My 3 y/o is the same way!! Shes always saying something and Im like "whoah. where did that come from"??
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