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I really hope things work out for you and your family It's so hard today to find a place that is reasonable with the way the economy is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer Middle Class... NO MORE.
I agree there are Mortgage Co. out there for everyone but please be careful you need to watch the rates etc also I heard there are private companies out there that will buy your mortgage they are mostly used for people with poor credit, back taxes, in foreclosure issues like that they take advantage of people who need help . I just wanted to add this.

Alot of these man seem to get away with having to pay child support and feel like they shouldn't have to pay what I can't stand is men who owe back support the states need to lock them up maybe then they will pay what is owed. My brother many years ago had a bitter divorce he has only one child was order to pay support did for while then decide not to anymore well finally the court told him he needed to pay back or jail time well before you new it out came money I know he is my brother but it was my niece who was to go without and didn't ask to be born . Well I sorry I seem to have gone on I just wanted to wish you well .