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My oldest cat, Dana, 15 year old Callico passed away about 3 monthes ago. She left Bridget 3 (tuxedo) and Buffy 2 (orange tabby) both spayed. At first the two seemed to be dealing with Dana's death. They were a bit down, but getting along. About a month after Dana's death Bridget, who is already notoriously fussy and easily aggravated started being really aggressive towards Buffy. Like I said, this is a cat who does not like people walking too close to her, she will swat your feet. She back talks you. She likes things the way she likes them. BUT she has gotten along with Buffy for the past two years. The two used to sleep curled up together even. I've tried several things to encourage her to be nice to Buffy. But it seems over the months eveything has failed. Buffy is skittish and afraid of Bridget now. Bridget is loving to me and my husband, more than she has ever been before, but as soon as she sees Buffy she is grumbly (she grumbles like an old man under her breath) and sometimes she is outright hissing at Buffy. She has charged her several times during our attempts to bring them back together. One minute she's fine, ignoring her, then she sets her sites on Buff and we're scrambling to keep them apart.

We're getting some Feliway today, and pray this works. We've already tried giving Bridget the calming stuff they give show cats. Yeah, that didn't work. Didn't even take the edge off her. I don't want to end up putting on her anything more extreme, only if it's a last ditch effort, but I want peace back in my house. And most importantly I want my girls to get along again.

I've been wondering since Dana's death if top cat was open, Buffy has turned two and is now fully grown, therefore Bridget is trying to assert alpha cat status.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to get these two back together?