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Prue turned violent

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I have posted about Prue being violent towards the Birmans, but now she is doing it to others!!

last night, i was going outside to water the lawn, and she jumped out the door when i opened it, and went after the stray cat that was sunning himself on my driveway!!! I dont know what to do with her, shes going nuts!!

shes fine with Kali and Tigger, and the kittens, but the birmans, and outside cats shes attackin! i have never seen her do this before
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ok looks like she is just upset about whats been going on feeling like her house has been taken over etc...

Have you been givign her lots of attention? Never pet or hold the new cats in front of her yet and give her lots and lots of attention give her treats make her feel like shes stilll number 1

this has helped me many times when bringing a new cat in and the resident cat gets upset over it just give them attention think of them like kids
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i have tried that. the birmans are even in my bredoom, not anywhere near the front of the house where prue loves to be. she will go DIRECTLY into the bedroom and go after them. no rhyme, no reason, jsut attacks!!.

i have been giving her treats, and loving, and everything. she soaks it up, then goes into the bedroom for the attack!! i dont get it, there is no provoking!

the poor birmans are even peeing in my bedroom, cause the are to afraid to go the 5 ft outside the bedroom to the litterbox.
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