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The Spice Kittens *Pictures*

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We have names picked out but we wont name them until we know the gender, but the names we have picked out are spices so one of my friends calls them the Spice Kittens. They are doing well. Our little one is very slowly gaining weight and quickly getting stronger.

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

Baby 5

Mom and Babies
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Aww, they're all so cute!! And I love the "spice" names idea. When I was little, I fed a stray cat that my friend named Spicey. She had three little kittens that we named Cinnamon, Ginger, and Pepper.
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I'd take Baby 2 and 5 if I could
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They are so cute. I like #4 looks so sweet all curled up in your hand. They look so big next to mom.
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OMG they are unbelievable
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Mom and babies are adorable.
Number 5 is my favorite.
Ginger would be a good name for that little sweetie.
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oh my ! look at those little sweethearts they are all looking really healthy, moma is certainly doing a great job
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awww. they are so cute...there eyes are not even open yet
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they are veery cute...and so shiny looking
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Sooooooo cute! I wish I knew what my Sophie looked like as a kitten !
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#2 looks like a raccoon lol
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