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The Christmas I Remember Best

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It was the Christmas Andrew (my son) was born on. He was a month early. I had a rotten pregnancy. As he was born in the same year as Juliana. I was a good practicing catholic at the time! But I was alone as my husband decided he wasnt cut out to be a dad. Labor was short but intense. I ended throwing tennis balls at the doctor during labor....never could face her again after that. (gulp)

He was born in the wee morning on Christmas eve. A handsome boy he was. Full of determination! So I named him after my great great grandfather who came to this country. I had heard numerious stories of him and his determination to make a change for the better in his and his families life. Andrew's middle name was spanish. I choose the name Salvador, meaning ( to be spared)as his father wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

I was up walking around within the hour of delivery By noon I had told my doctor I wanted to be home with my other baby. Juliana wasnt 9 months old yet. And because I am sure the staff, didnt realy want anymore moms that realy didnt need to be there. So I was released. home.

It was -30 degrees when my mom came and got Andrew and I. And took me to my flat. The pipes had frozen the night before and burst. Because there was no heat. The furnice had gone down as well. But was fixed later in the day. But in the middle of all the mess my mom had put up a little tree with all the trimmings. I had been too depressed to do anything mind you.

My mom brought Juliana as I nursed Andrew and we sat around the tree,and drank hot chocolate. I have never felt so blessed as I did that Christmas. I had been given the two best presents anyone could have wanted. When life just seams so over whelming or totaly unfair I reflect on that Christmas of almost 19 years ago. And all the ugly stuff just melts. And the true meaning of life rears it's head and I feel centered again. To me Christmas, or Hannakah, or whatever belief you find true isnt about gifts , money or out doing each other. It is about each other...........and the importance of our relationships.
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That's a beautiful story Patty. Thanks for sharing it with us. It is a great reminder of what is really important during the holidays.
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What a great tale, Patty. Thank-you for sharing it with us.
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Oh Patty!!! That is a beautiful story! And very touching!!! So you got pregnant again when your first baby was only a month old???? Oh my gosh!!! I didn't even think it was allowed to try to conceive that soon after giving birth!(according to the doctors that is and not that you were trying...but you know what I mean) I can't even imagine that!!!!! You certainly deserve my admiration for being able to handle having kids that close together!!
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Thank you for the compliment, but many of our mothers, grandmothers had little strairsteps as well. I am only glad I had them when there were washers and dryers and bathrooms in the house . Though I never used disposables that was a option for me as well.

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