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Actually, it may be more responsible of her to keep them separate from her own cats -- there are so many things they could all catch from each other! As long as your friend's messiness doesn't extend to leaving chocolate or other dangerous food around, and as long as there's no rat poison on the floor... gosh, the cats don't care whether she hangs up her clothes!

It's great that you care so much... but all in all, it sounds like these cats have got it good.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Gosh, the cats don't care whether she hangs up her clothes!
Haha! I'm lucky about that too... My apartment is clean but disastrously messy (ie, no food or trash laying around, but stacks of homework and tornadoes of clothes)
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
If your friend has cats of her own, it's probably better for them to stay separated. Even if the conditions aren't particularly ideal, they're better than the stress of meeting new cats on their own territory. I guess she could swicth them but that just seems stressful too...

Zissou and I live in an apartment that's probably about as big as some of your spare rooms We do okay.
Omg lol...sorry but people keep saying this. Ive said it 345804958 times. Im NOT suggesting that she mixes the cats..............I AM saying that I wish she would of moved them to her laundry room/basement that is more cat friendly, clean, and spacious..where her other cats DONT roam. Her room is way to small and dirty for 2 grown cats.

and its not about "cats dont care if she hangs up her clothes", she has pop cans, old food, dirty dishes all over her floor........thats discusting conditions for a cat to be in.
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I see a lot of wisdom in the posts in this thread from experienced cat owners explaining cat behaviour and their comfort levels. Unfortunately you don't seem convinced so perhaps it is best to agree to disagree on your part and use this as a learning experience. After all TCS IS a learning/teaching site.
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lol theres nothing I can do. So far all im hearing is "dont worry, its fine, they arnt harmed".....I know this lol, but im venting because I wish she would move them to a cleaner and larger enviornment. Oh well.
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
A bit off topic, but if I were a cat, your home is on my list as one I want to live in Even your "spare" room is sure to be kitty-friendly
Awwwww And if you turned up on my doorstep as a stray i'd have a cosy bed waiting for you
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