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Projectile vomit immediately after eating?

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Yes, Damita needs to go to the vet. That is her favorite place to be. This is just a question, though. She's allergic to who knows what, for sure chicken. She ate Twitch & Lily's wet & dry....& immediately procedded to projectile vomit.

Would food allergies cause her to vomit so quickly after eating? Or did she inhale it too fast? I'm trying to record when she vomits, what she ate & drank beforehand. Maybe then the vet & I can figure out what triggers her so she no longer pukes multiple times a day. I keep wondering if she's got a digestive issue going on....

I am fed up with work not giving me a schedule, I am making a vet appt. & they can work around it. If they wanted me to work around a schedule, they'd give me one already!

I cannot decide if she projectile vomits, or if when she vomits she backs up & spreads it all over. OK, gross thread, sorry!
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My Sweetie will vomit if I give her too much wet food at one time. If its in her dish she feels she must eat it, all of it. She also vomits if she eats beef wet food. I try her occasionally on the beef with the same results, one would think I would learn.
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Sorry to hear that Damita is having trouble.

I'm not sure what the cause could be. I know with Momma, she has NO sense of when she's full, so if I let her have too much food (regardless of the allotted time frame, 10,20,30 minutes) she will barf and it's very messy, I would say projectile. OR, if I let her have a small amount of food in too short of a time frame the same thing will happen. If I make her spend 10-15 minutes eating no more than 2oz of wet food then she's fine, or 1oz of raw. But I have to be real careful. Left to her own devices, she'll barf.

This is gross, but from watching Momma it seems like the overindulgence causes the initial problem (food comes up fairly easily), then that sets off a full episode...like every 10 seconds or so she heaves, somewhat violently. It gets more projectile as she goes on, until she's done. Sorry for the graphics.

Ok, I found this article and I think from what I said about Momma, she's regurgitating at first and then really vomiting. The third paragraph describes the difference.


Has Damita ever had trouble with constipation? That can cause vomiting right after a meal.

I'm not sure about food allergies in relation to the time frames of eating vs. the vomiting. That article may go into it a little, I haven't read it all.
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I've never seen any problems with constipation in Damita. She actually had loose/bloody stools as a result of the allergies. From that article, it makes sense that Damita is regurgitating, then vomiting.
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