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An interesting way to have his back paws! It almost looks un-natural! I thought it was funny so I thought I would share it!
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so cute!!!

That's how my doggies lay!
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Haha! That is so adorable.
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ha, that's how my Molly lays. The straighter and further back the legs are, the hotter the weather, lol (and it peaks when she sprawls out on her back, spread-eagled). When she has one leg tucked up under her and the other stretched out, she's just tired from running around or playing.
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that looks like they belong to another kitty and look he aint bothered a jot
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My Mollie sleeps and rests the same way! It always cracks me up!
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He is hilarious
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That just doesn`t look comfy. Maybe he`s double jointed?
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