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The "Mewster"

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This is the little monster I was talking about in the Lounge....under "Need a Favor"..

This is my Mewster.....(11 years) He is the white with his brother Sam a bath!!!
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Hm...they look like they're plotting an escape!!
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Originally Posted by whiskerynature View Post
Hm...they look like they're plotting an escape!!
You are probably this old house....I only have one door with a screen....they love to look out....I have 4 of those kitty hammocks on 4 window sills.....but this screen door is their favorite.

When I lived in Miami...they had a HUGE screened porch to look out all day....and then coming here.....what a disappointment it was to them. you can see....I have to put a little bench in front of the door so they can bird watch, etc.

I love them all so much.
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You should see if any one would be willing to make a siggy for you (under the Admin column, I think) with all your kitties...
a furry line-up, so that we can see them all! (Been meaning to take pics & ask if someone would please make me a siggy, too! )
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Awwww, a nice bath between brothers! I LOVE that long fuzzy tail of Mewster's.
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Awwwwwww brotherly love, how precious is that
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yep I think theres some serious whispering and plotting going on there - under the disguise of a wash
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Very sweet pic.
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aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute pic!.. the love between brothers!
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Awww they're precious. Love the pic!
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Awwww they are too sweet!
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