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Cats 'funny spots'

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I`m curious because I just found Maisie has one.

You know how when you scratch a dog in a certain place they do the 'Riding a bike' thing? Maisie does it too when you scratch the right side of her chin!
It was so funny

So the question is, 'Do your cats have any funny spots?'
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i have noticed when i brush Uno, if i get him right in the arm pit, he will stretch out for more!lol
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Only Cassi and Ivory, except they make "Licky Face"
They get the really weird look on their faces and then just start licking the air in front of them.
For Cassi, her funny spot is the base of her tail and for Ivory, it's between her shoulder blades.
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Sassy likes belly rubs, and I assumed when I brought Linus home he would as well. However I found out quite quickly that Linus's belly is ticklish and if you rub it he will literally pettle all four of his feet and squirm all over the place.

It is very cute, if he could talk you know he would would be howling "Oh my god your tickling me"
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Wow, this thread is hilarious!! I didn't know cats had those spots...I don't think Trout does...although she has bitey spots
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