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Originally Posted by toomany View Post
When I go to the grocery store and buy all the litter and food....I very often get smart-a-- remarks....and usually "how many cats do you have.....oh wow!" I have gotten to the point....(and I would love to say "none of your d---m business"...but I usually say..."Oh no....I don't have a lot of cats....I have a Jaguar....(Jacksonville, Fla. is the home of the Jaguars football team)....every time....they back off and have NOTHING to day. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!
That is a great answer!
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Had to write in supprt...24 cats here all inside, spayed/neutered. and I spay the outside ones to(about 10 out there)all but one in current city is done-actually somone did two last week!!!! and at old house I had 5 done...
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WOW Toomany. You certainly have your hands full. Our home is complete with three--and I am kittysitting two for a friend, they are in a room here--and I feel stretched thin. ((((((((((hugs))))))))) for you. It takes a huge heart to take care of so many cats. I have vowed that in the future, if I ever take a cat in.. it will be an older cat (I'm hoping for 10+) from the shelter. They sit there all their lives at ours... and even if I can take in only one, and it won't make an impression upon the world, it will make a big difference for that cat, as I know it has to yours. Give your lovely kitties some tail-scritches and cuddles for me. I am certainly here if you need to talk/PM, I may not respond right away (not always here) and I don't have the same experience as you.. but if you need someone to talk to I am here and will happily listen.
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Thank you everyone and thank you TCS.... so very many people that have come to help me with all these babies.....

Can't wait to respond to each of you....right now....kitty litter boxes calling me loud!!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!
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I used to have my 10 in one house, but since we moved they have their OWN house. A 14 by 30 building (think mobile office or classroom) that is all theirs, to roam at will. So I can relate to the many litterboxes and pounds of cat hair.

Glad to see you have a positive attitude, we're all here for the endurance too!
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Don't ever feel bad about having multiple cats, I wish I even had as little as two cats but mine wants to be an only child You are doing a wonderful thing taking care of these cats. My Misty is 14 years old and she still has a lot of kitten in her. I wish you the best of luck taking care of the cats and welcome to TCS. I have known others who have more cats than you do, many more than you do.
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