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Originally posted by AngelzOO
The less you pay attention, the higher it goes up.

That and posting on every single usless post!
Is there any such thing as a "useless post" here?
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useless post....

Whats that!?!

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I don't know, I think that post looks rather useful!! You could tie your dog up to it while you went inside for a bit, you could chain your bike to it, the dogs could use it instead of a fire hydrant and the cats could sharpen their claws on it....so see...there really isn't any such thing as a useless post! :laughing:
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I don't know about the rest of you, but every single word I post is an ageless pearl of wisdom to be clung to and treasured for the remainder of time......

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*Bunn pokes Debs with a cattle prod
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Keeps posting despite intense pain.....
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*BuNN showing flagrant jealousy over those with tons of posts*

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I'm sure he's green with envy.

Hey BuNN, you only need to post 923 more times to catch up with the list!
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I just want 100 so I can have a picture of MY OWN under my name and not have to choose what is offered to me *sniff*
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You'll be there before you know it, Carrie.
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Here I go to FIFTY SIX!
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I can't believe that I'm in the top 20. I've only been on line, since January.
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lmao....Top 20 since January?

Hello, ADDICT! )

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Go carrie go!
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I've posted these tips before, but The Alphabet Game is a real easy way to boost the posts, and most of the time it's just a one word answer! And greeting people in New Cats on the Block is a nice way to boost posts (not that I'm the Mod there or anything... ). Of course, this thread seems to be a good way too!
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