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Lizza is definitely the undisputed queen of finding the perfect graphic for any occasion!!
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I aim to please!!!


gotta get back to WORK!!!! c'ya kids!
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Adrienne, I think Lizza has gone completely SPAM MAD!! I'm really worried about her - do you think some of BuNN's meds would help? ROFL

Heidi, I do my best! Now as to Adrienne's challenge: One day I woke up really spammed and thought I might have to take some spam to feel better. Well, I opened the spam only to find that we were out of spam. "Spam!", I said and put on my spam and headed for the door. It was only after I had got outspam that I realised I didn't have my spams and I was now spammed out of the house...to be continued...
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I'll take the placebo

(Red M&M's!)
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OMG Lizza! They're placebos??? But they made the voices stop and the little green men go away!...I wonder what would happen if I ate the green ones...?
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According to Snopes.com 'Randy Candy' :

"The rumor that these green candies are an aphrodisiac apparently started or first gained prominence in the 1970s, when students reportedly picked the green ones out of packages to feed to the objects of their desires. (At that time, an average of 10% of plain M&Ms and 20% of peanut M&Ms were green.) Why the green M&Ms were attributed with this power is unknown; perhaps it was because the color green has always been associated with healing and fertility. (The company itself routinely states that they "cannot explain any extraordinary 'powers' attributed to [green M&Ms], either scientifically or medically"; the same "powers" have also been claimed of green jelly beans and gummi bears.) "
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Oh! Um...heehee..well I'll just stick to the yellow ones. Sheesh!
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Your little men are green? Aw no fair, mine at purple and very hard to see when in front of me, but I know they're there.
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Those are great graphics!

BTW BuNN - Tania now has more posts then you do!
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Oh yeah!! Kumbulu Rules!!
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Don't encougage 'em!!!

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Yeah but I have more pie than her!


This thread was started about 3 hours ago, it's grown very quickly
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Well look at me..... I'm over 1,000


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What's with the pie? Is it pumpkin pie? Apple pie? Cherry pie?...
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Pie pie.
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I'll take some apple pie if it is going around

Lhezza! Great on the 1000 posts! It is all of those great graphics you post.

but I like encouraging them!
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Boy I am wwaayy behind....

I better Blabber more...geezzz

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I'm soooo excited my picture worked!


Oh sorry could hardly contain myself...hehe

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You go girl! Blabber all you can!!
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Kyttin - Thanx for signing my guest book
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BuNN, you are most welcome. I thought your site was great. I loved all the kitty pics. Awesome job

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BuNN's pie is, actually, HUMBLE pie. He has been unable to conquer the CatSite, much less, the world!
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Wasn't there a Monty Python song about Spam?

What is pie pie?

I think Cindy is right, it's humble pie.
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Leave meh alone or I shall be forced to post another photo of myself! MWAHAHAHA.
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Originally posted by bren.1
Wasn't there a Monty Python song about Spam?

Thanks! Now I'll have that song in my head all day!
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Originally posted by -BuNN-
Leave meh alone or I shall be forced to post another photo of myself! MWAHAHAHA.
Go ahead, make our day!

I don't know how I got so many posts...but I've been a member since the beginning so that helped! Not to mention I talk alot in "real" life, too!!! :laughing:
Nobodies ever thrown me a big party though for any of my milestones...:LOL: I think once you hit 1,000 it goes unnoticed.
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