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OMG you spammmmers, hehe, take me ages to catch up.

Name: Posts:

Debby 8114
hissy 5452
Sandie 4078
valanhb 3725
airprincess 3611
BodLover 3584
Deb25 3548
debra myers 3370
Anne 3166
adymarie 3080
Jeanie G. 3042
Catarina77777 2695
dtolle 2292
Tigger 2060
Lorie D. 2037
sunlion 1970
katl8e 1827
donna 1723
Mr. Cat 1695
Melissa 1573

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I CAN'T believe how far ahead Debby is of everyone else. I'm still wheezing and struggling to get to 1000 (it seems to be taking forever)!

Poor ol' BuNN has a WAAAAAYYYYYY to go yet!!:tounge2:

Get chattin' boy - I'm sure you have somthing to say about most things - eh?
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All of us on that list have way too much time on our hands, and way too much to say!!!!!!!!!!! I'm embarrassed!

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I don't spam! I speculate and erudicate on worthwhile and important subjects (like reality TV). Bunn - was this thread just an excuse to get your post count up?
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Yes, yes it is
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Well it worked! Look at blabbermouth me in second.....I am really shy in real life........
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At least us top 9 have a good excuse...we're all Mods! We HAVE to answer! LOL Ok, ok, so I just became a Mod. I'm still eligible for the excuse.

Ady is just a Jabber Cat!
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LOL - too much!
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Yola, you go girl!!

Lizza, you're not too far off either!

I...just...gotta...blabber...more...an'...get...to...1000...gotta...do...it..... ..
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The less you pay attention, the higher it goes up.

That and posting on every single usless post!
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I absolutely agree on this important issue. :LOL: :LOL:
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Kumbulu blah..... blah......

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I agree.
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Am not a spammer! Everything I have to say is deep, meaningful and lights up the lives of fellow cat lovers! Ask anyone!

<----BuNN AND Lizza!!

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Heidi - are you saying that as I am they only one in the top 10 who isn't a mod that I don't have a good excuse for posting? BooHoo -then again I really don't need an excuse!
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Ooh ooh ooh! 600! Only 400 to go! Might get there by Christmas 2003!
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Pfft I pwn j00z, meh post count is higher than yours!

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Youy lookin' for a fight mate? You wanna take this outside? I got my buckethead collar on and my snugglekitty under my arm! Let's do it!
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Tis cold outside. You can go but I'm warm next to the fire.
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Hah! I win! Woo Hoo!
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The 2 of you are very close in post counts! Tania has even had time off due to circumstances beyond her control! Hmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder who is the more dedicated spammer? If we read your spam, does that make us spammies?
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/me cries and hides
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Such a scaredy cat! Pun absolutely intended!
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Darn you and those smileys
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Smileys can defeat the parakitties - stops them in their tracks and turns them into goozy lap kitties! Maybe you should
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Adrienne, I am definitely the most dedicated spammer. BuNN really doesn't have a hope of becoming a Lord Spammer of TCS. Hmmm...spammies, sounds interesting! is that like Trekkies? LOL

Hey look, one of the kitty army has defected to Down Under! Woo hoo!
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I've been spammed - I feel so violated! I wonder how many ways we can use te word spam in a sentence?
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I'm letting you catch up :tounge2:

Surrender is not an option we shall purr forever
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Ady, I made the top list well before I was knighted Mod Squad! I'll just take any excuse I can get!!!

Tania, it's so nice to see someone be able to keep up with dishing it out to BuNN as much as he does! Rhea and Ady and Kassandra do an admirable job, too. You're getting outnumbered Darth BuNN!!
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