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Funny Wal-Mart Joke

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A friend sent this to me...and I just HAD to share it with you guys!

Dear Friends,
>As retired Air Force and currently retired from a 2nd
career, I would like
>to bring up a few concerns about retiring. Joanne and I
have been blessed
>with adequate funds for our senior years. However; with
the stock market
>falling apart and the interest rates going south, we have
had to change our
>life style. That Social Security check sure comes in
handy! The money
>market now pays just 1.5% and our reserve has begun to
shrink. We have cut
>back on travel, eating out, and other fun things. We now
shop more
>conservatively and often visit Wal-Mart searching for
bargains. The purpose
>of this message is to alert you to an advantage of
shopping at Wal-Mart.
>Recently, my old JC Penney drawers just had too many holes
to continue.
>But, being frugal and inventive, Wal-Mart solved the
problem. With some
>help from Joanne, we have saved more by a new, no-cost way
to dress. I just
>wanted to share this secret with my many friends. Please
see the attached
>photo which will explain this new, no-cost underwear
solution. Feel free to
>spread this around........We might start a new revolution!
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Poor guy!
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OMG! That is funny!
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That reminds me of using garbage bags for raincoats when I was younger, and we forgot the ponchos!

Poor guy--he doesn't look very comfortable.
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and the sweat factor!!! Ewwwwwwwww!
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That's a hoot! There is something about people who lived during the Depression era. My grandmother is very well off, but when she has a pair of panty hose that have a run in them, she cuts off the legs and uses them as underware. (my grandmother is odd, god bless her!)
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