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Max has a habit of digging around his food tray either after he's finished eating, or when we put his food out. Does these mean he's "burying" it, and will come back later, as he also does the same thing around his food tray after he's done his business in his litter tray?
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I think it's partly 'burying' it for later, and partly marking the area as his territory with the scent glands in his paw pads. One of mine drives me nuts doing it, if I don't find something for him to cover his bowl with I worry he's going to go through the carpet. He drags drying laundry off the radiators to cover his food which is really annoying!

I am desperate for one of these in stainless steel!!!
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I've also heard that it is to cover the scent of the blood from their kill in order to prevent their preditors or competition from finding it.
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