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Goodie Bags/Adoption Bags

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Does anyone put together goodie bags or adoption bags for the kittens that they are adopting out? If so, what companies have been helpful when putting these bags together? I emailed a bunch of places today, and Feline Pine responded within 10 minutes and is sending me some brochures.
I also made up some birth certificates and I'm going to paw print each of them with their respecitve kitten's paw. The woman who I adopted my two cats from, gave me a ton of pictures of each of the kitten, and she put some twisted pipe cleaners and little pom poms that the kittens loved when I brought them home. For one of them, she even gave me her own baby blanket. What do you give?
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That is so cute! When my (former) stray Elsa had 8 kittens, we had them vaccinated twice before they went home, and at the vet they give this cute little kitty "passport". So I got 8 of them, and it had all their vaccination records, and I printed up photos (there was a place to paste them) and put all their weights they had been since birth, and also wrote what food they were on, when their next shots were due, and of course put on to go to www.thecatsite.com!!!
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when i have homed kittens from litters born in my care, i send them with their vacs card showing they have had both and also been wormed and fleed by the vet. i print out a birth certificate with their picture on there their weight date of birth etcc.. i put a 2 days worth of their kitten food with a samaple of the dry food they are on. i buy a small bag of the litter they use, they have their fav toy and a cupple of mice toys if they have a PC i also do them a cd with their pictures from birth till 12-13 weeks. if not i print out a week to week picture. and i put some leaflets on spaying/neutering fleeing and worming and just genral health care. and a contract saying if they havnt been spayed/neutered by 61/2 months unless due to sickness then i will take them back, they have to show me the card from the vets to prove it. and i also get them to sign a contract saying if they can no longer care or keep the cat they have to be returned to me.
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OOooo the CD is a good idea, and so is the passport. Unfortunately, I don't have a scale small enough to weigh them, so I don't have their weights yet. I might have to invest, though, because I plan on fostering from here on out.
I just heard back from world's best, they are sending me some things too. That's awesome.
The kittens love this little toy that I got for my cats when I adopted them. It has currogated cardboard in the middle, and a little ball that spins around the outside. They love to scratch it and chase the ball. I think there is a battery operated one out there too, but that's too high tech for me lol. I was thinking about getting them each one of those to take home.
I'm guessing when I foster, it will be different, b/c I may not be choosing the owners. So I don't mind spending the $10 for 3 kittens for a "going away/welcome home" present.
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with the weighing you can use a regular kitchen food scales, they work well.
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I do have one of those, but husband lost the tray top before he moved in with me...*sigh* And it only goes up to 16oz. My luck
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My "goodie" bag usually consists of the following:

1. A letter of introduction to the cat/kitten - current likes/dislikes, what food the kitten is on, current temperament etc.
2. If the kitten is already registered, neutered and fully paid up, the original certificate of registration (signed).
3. The veterinary card showing all shots, deworming and rabies (if required)
4. A copy of the contract (signed)
5. A 400gm bag of current cat food and also a can or two of the wet food
6. The carrier the kitten is in is usually part of the agreement
7. A soft cat bed and lastly
8. A cat toy - the kitten's preferred one of course
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When my babies go to their new homes they come with...

1. One 3 lbs bag of food
2. A bag of feline Pine
3. A list of likes and dislikes of the cat/kitten
4. A list of their favorite toys/treats
5. Tons of brochures and articles about cat/kitten care
6. Toys usually send the toy they always play with
7. A blanket from home
8. My phone number and email adress so they can call me with any questions or stories.
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We have a contract with 4 year genetic guarantee with the health record and proof of spay and neuter.
Sample food and care package from Royal Canin, Sample and care package from Worlds Best Cat Litter, a 2 foot tall sisal scratching post, a blanket with Mom and littermates familiar scent, (the kids usually have a stuffed animal to give as well), we also put in a wand/string toy, a mylar ball, a few jingle balls, furry and corded mousey men, catnip, and a promise that if at anytime they have a question or concern, they can ask, and if I don't have the answer I will do my best to find it.
It is fun making up the kitten care packages, you can personalize them as much or little as you wold like, but I would recommend at least a blanket or such for the familiar scent and sample food and litter, and if it is a premium food and litter, explain why it is important to keep kitten on same formula OR do a very gradual change.

Best of luck!!
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