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Today I received samples of canned food, dry food and treats from Organix. I also received coupons from Organix. Wellness, Innova and Newmans Own. I already tried the Organix treats. All the cats liked them, although each cat only got 2-3 pieces.

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I got a few more yesterday!

Castor & Pollux

Greenies... I asked for both dog & cat but only got cat, that's ok though

And Chicken Soup minus one package that my dog got this morning
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My first freebies!!


Castor & Pollux


Hopefully more are on their way.
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Just got another package, this one was from Evangers:

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Yesterday we got:
Wellness Core

Today we got:
Iams Sensitive Systems
Whiskas Purrfectly fish
Whiskas Temptations (a bonus with the fish pouch freebie)
Timberwolf Serengeti
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WOW! That is a huge sample. I unfortunately haven't heard from Evanger's.
Their food is tough to find locally, and I noticed if the company doesn't have a presence in the area, they do not send samples.

I wonder if the amount of samples they send, depends on how you word your email.
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I e-mailed last Fri, got a smaple of Nature's Logic today!
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Today I got samples from 5 companies, coupons from 3 in the mail, and 1 sample came Fed Ex. Sototal count, 6 samples, 3 coupons(plus coupons from the samples too.)


Nature's Logic - 1 Natural Chicken Meal, 1 Natural Rabbit Meal and
1 Natural Duck & Salmon

Natural Balance - 2 Chicken and Duck, regular flavor

Back to Basics - 1 Chicken

Nupro - 2 Health Nuggets, 2 All Natural Supplement

Feline Greenies- 1 sample size of treats

Zuke's - 2 Naturals Purrz(1 chicken, 1 salmon), 2 Hip Action(1 chicken, 1 salmon)


Nature's Logic - $1 off any 3.3lb or 4.4lb Dry and $2 off any 7.7lb or 26.4lb dry

Feline Greenie's - $1 off any 3oz package

Purina - 1 free bag of dry up to 4.5lbs, 2 $1 off any food up to 4.5lbs or treat up to 72oz.

Newman's Own - 2 $2 off any dry food, 2 $1 off any canned food or treats

Eova - 1 #5 off any size bag or case of cans, 1 $3 off any size bag or case of cans

So far it has been worth it. I sent out about 50 e-mails and about 85 percent said they would send smaples and the rest said they would send coupons. So now I must wait again. Karmas was so excited. It was like Christmas and her birthday all rolled into one. She has had the Zukes treats, chicken flavor already and goes nuts for them. I know I will buy them in the future.

Thank you Tortiebaby for the links and the info. I could not be happier.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Just got another package, this one was from Evangers:

All I can say is WOW.
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Got some more samples today...

Serengeti/ Wellness

Nature's Logic


World's Best Litter/ Royal Canin Coupons
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I got avoderm samples and literature....
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The first of my freebies came in the mail today, from Nature's Logic. They sent me two kinds of dry cat food - Rabbit and Duck - plus two kinds of dog food, and some Venison dog treats. They also included a coupon and a brochure. I emailed a ton of companies last week and most of them replied saying they would send what I asked for, so I'm looking forward to getting lots more! I plan to use the kibble samples as treats.

ETA: I just got another, delivered by UPS this time. Chicken Soup Senior Cat dry, 5(!) 6 oz. bags of it.
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I got some Pinnacle & Avoderm in the mail today, dry food samples only, though.
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The first of my stuff came today... I requested a lot and it all should be coming soon, so I think I'll wait and list everything in one post when I get it all - I'll keep track! haha
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I got some Pinnacle & Avoderm in the mail today, dry food samples only, though.
Yeah mine was dry avoderm... tell me how yours like the pinnacle... the local store went WAY WAY up in price...
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Yeah mine was dry avoderm... tell me how yours like the pinnacle... the local store went WAY WAY up in price...
Everything is Chicken!!! I wanted these samples to try on DAMITA, who is allergic to chicken & I told them so in my e-mail. I'll try it on Twitch & Lily, but they aren't big on anything other than their Innova.
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Today we got Pinnacle and Serengeti samples.
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Today we got 2 more, 1 sample and 1 set of coupons.

Timberwolf - Serengeti Dry (the same as in kittylover77 picture)

Natural Balance - 2 $2 off any dry food 16lbs or larger or on any canned food case and 2 $1 off a 5lbs ar larger dry or canned case. Also included was a Frequent Buyer Plan,Buy 10 bags of dry(same size) or 10 cases of dog or cat canned food or 10 4lb or 2.5lb dog rolls and get 1 free.

SO far so good. I sent out a ton of emails so the wait continues.

I was thinking, after trying the different foods, we shoupd all do a coupon exchange or food exchange. I know there will be foods Karma does not like but someone elses kitty might like it. If thats the case I know I won't use the coupons but would love to mail them to someone who would. For example, I will never buy a 16lb bag oe Natural Balance, Karma won't eat it all before it goes bad but if someone has multiple cats and would buy that size bag, I'll send you my coupons. Same with foods, she ay not like one brand and I will have other pouches that she won't eat, I would love to send those out too. I already have some Salmon flavered treats, she hates fish so I have no use for them. If someone has a cat that hates chicken or is alergic to it we can swap treats. How does that sound? PM me if you want to get on a list and we can start a swap.
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Your welcome everyone. I feel bad now for not telling everyone sooner, lol. Oh well, better late then never.

The swap idea is wonderful! I know I have a few coupons that I'm not going to use. I usually just send them to my brother so he can feed the 5 cats he's taking care of.
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Its like Christmas every day for kitties.



Evolve/ Chicken Soup


Now I need to figure out how to try all of these foods without causing tummy upsets!!
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I agree that the swap is a great idea. I have coupons for dry food that I won't use because I feed my cats all wet. I haven't heard from all the companies I contacted and mail/shipping always takes longer to Hawaii so I hope more is coming.
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I got so far

Greenies: 1 sample package of greenies

Castor Pollux: a full 3 pound bag of kitten food

Chicken Soup : 4 sample bags

Avoderm: one sample bag and 2.00 coupon
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OMG!!! I got 19 6oz bags of Chkn Soup!!!!!!!!! I LOVE them! =)

4 of them were dog, buuut, that is alot of food! Annd Nutro sent me 20 some tiny packets of 5 diff kinds!!!! YAY! I also got Natures Logic samples, 2 Feline Pine car air fresheners (LMAO, funny I know!), Wellness, Zukes, Castor & Pullox, and coupons from a few who didn't have samples.

This is so wonderful, I am thinking that if they like the Chkn Soup, I will switch them off of Nutro. I have been looking around for some other options-food wise. Thank you!
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I got a large-ish box of samples today!

Now if only she'd get her bum off so I could see where from, or open the box!
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LOL-she knows it is for her!!! Awww!
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I finally moved Twitch & then put her in the empty box. She's happy again. It was from Evovle....4 three oz cans each of 3 different flavors....and THREE POUNDS OF DRY FOOD!! I was shocked to get such a big bag from them!
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Today we go 2 more samples.

Diamond Pet food - 2 bags of Indoor Cat Formula and 2 bags Chicken Soup Adult Cat. 4 Samples total from them. Not bad.

Wysong - 2 bags dry food, 1 Canine/Feline Anergen type and 1 Feline Nurture type.
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I got a big box from Evolve today, too. Mine had 6 little cans of cat food, all different flavors, and 3 big cans of dog food.
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we got 3 big bags of Zuke's treats today.
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Fromms samples .... and Newmans coupons ....
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